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Numerology/Astrology for 7/15/18

7/15/18 is the number 6. The number 6 is inward, reflective, and desires to embody the highest values of humanity. Which is what is deeply needed at this time in the world. The harshness of life is really taking an emotional, spiritual, and energetic toll on many. But spiritual growth is never dependent on life moving smoothly. Most great teachers had the breakthrough in times of personal or collective crisis. My suggestion is to use the energy of this huge wave to break down the walls of separation and bigotry. Isolation seems to be needed today and so meditation and any type of inward work is helpful to find that calm center to continue forward in the growth that you are seeking.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The first half of this week flows along pretty easily. Sunday and Monday support you in working on your “to do” list under an efficient Virgo Moon. But the Moon ends its transit of Leo in the early afternoon or late morning respectively. And then it will enter Virgo. This is where you want your activities to be useful and have some semblance of structure.

A dynamic aspect between Mercury and Saturn today can point to communication blocks, restrictions, or inhibitions, however. You may need to go over something again. I know you thought whatever it was, was complete. But somehow the problem has returned and now you have to deal with details and logistics that throw you out of your rhythm. Try to not take it personally. Such things are just how life moves sometimes. Don’t let skepticism and criticism infect your good nature.

There is a quincunx between Venus (and Ceres) to the retrograde Mars. And this concentrates some difficulties, particularly in your relationships. There can be a clash of values, morality, and positions that can make you feel distant and separate. This is a time when deeply personal sensibilities and desires may be at odds with others, and problems can arise. Make sure that you are as clear and kind as you can be with those you love. If you had not noticed, there is a huge tension building. And that can result from feeling conflicted between what you desire in the form of independence and freedom, and the deeper need everyone has for nurturing and creating safety. Expect to feel tied down due to family obligations. Regardless, there seems to be a feeling that you are out of step and out of sync with your normal core and reality.  Be more conscious and careful because you are out of step and you may miss the mark.

Know that we are preparing for another lunar eclipse the end of this month in Aquarius and you feel eclipses a few weeks before and a few weeks after. So as the personal and global shifts continue to challenge your old limitations of self, know that this particular eclipse cycle is longer and stronger than normal as we have 3 eclipses in this cycle rather than two. You are being asked to look at what is “home” and “safety” to you. You are being asked to look at what is “freedom” and “rebellion: to you. And you are being asked to look at what are you concepts of “power” and “leadership”. To add to the cosmic tension the Mars and Mercury (upcoming) retrogrades make it extremely imperative to check your computers for malware as they Russian bots are gearing up to take on the technology war as we go into this election. To not be a victim you have to be proactive. Get your systems checked out now.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Freedom is not about
the size of your cage
or power of your wings
or non-attachment to
a person or a thing.

Freedom is about being so
truly, madly & deeply
attached to your own soul
that you can’t bear –
if only for a moment –
a life that doesn’t
honor it.

~Andrea Bolt~


Buddha said: “No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this, we become free.”

This country was founded on the basis of freedom. That rare commodity that allows for you to choose your own path and step into your own destiny separate from the projections of past cultural norms or societal influences. This country gathered the bold, the brave, and those that were willing to take that risk to reach out of the boxes of imposed limitations. What I am clear about, personally, is that no one can ever or will ever control my soul. My soul is forever moving from the place of acceptance for each and everything in this world. All things have the right to grown and evolve past present level of awareness. To limit that for others is to impose your will over the rules of nature and consciousness that this planet is based upon. It becomes a form of evil that inflicts restriction on things that are designed to grow and thrive. Today, take a look at where you limit yourself and then where you limit others. Notice what you are so afraid of, if they grow. Notice that when others grow, and you do not, that creates resentment and loathing. When you allow yourself to grow and continue to evolve, you will allow others to have their own path and journey, even if that is not what you believe they need. After all, “Who are you to decide and determine another’s path?” None of us are Gods yet. And we will not get there if we do not allow for the evolution of our own being into the potential of “delight” within. Give others the opportunity to have accomplishments and joy. Never limit bliss, happiness, and attainment in this world. There is way too much negative. Each of us must actively cultivate the positive in ourselves and others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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