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Numerology/Astrology for 10/13/17
10/13/17 is the number 6. There are moments when you must sit and wait on the will of heaven. Today with this number 6 is a good time to connect in a spiritual way to the energy that is beyond self. It is going to be the selfless acts of kindness that make a difference right now. This is a moment when you recognize the suffering all around and instead of wallowing in it you take action in whatever way you can, whether that is small or large. Doing something to help others always pulls you out of your own inner and emotional pain. Actions right now are more powerful than ideas. Get still, feel into this moment, and decide what can be done in this present moment. Then do that.

The Moon ends its transit of Cancer at 2:42 AM EDT when it enters Leo. The Leo Moon is creative, affectionate, and hopefully this energy will help out in some small way with all the upset and chaos happening for so many. There is a desire to get out of this feeling of insanity and upset even temporarily. But unfortunately, the rest of the astrology is not going along well with this Moon. So, do your best to focus on what can be done and do not wallow in what is not yet happening to your satisfaction. Do you best to take actions that give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Remember to stay as positive as you can for others during these trying times. This morning, with a Venus-Chiron parallel and Sun-Neptune parallel, it is through your effort and heart that you will find meaningful or spiritual connections and readily tap into your stores of compassion and imagination. Expect to feel a vague discontent until you recognize that the way to move is to stay connected to others and to help rather than worry.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Don’t get too attached to me.
I’m borrowed from another
galaxy, from another life,
from another time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I look out and I do recognize these times.
It reminds me of so many other lifetimes.
Times when power and greed,

Made the bodies and souls of others bleed.
Why do those who seek power over others,
Seem to not care about the feelings of their brothers?
I wish for a time when compassion is the key.
Those who hold it strong then can make others agree.
On what to do and how to act,
And live from truth and rely on fact
Why be a soul who chooses to create more sorrow?
Why not be a soul who will look to a greater tomorrow?
There is so much potential that is in the heart of man.
So why can we not come together with a better game plan?
Without heart this world is lost.
Without compassion, life’s meaning is tossed,
Out into the tumultuous seas of time,
Life tries to show us the sublime.
But war and hate continue to attract
Those souls who do not hold consciousness intact.
They choose to take from others what they do not possess.
They choose to blame rather than to bless.
From this place the outcome is assured.
So much hatred this world has endured.
It will rise again to risk and see
If mankind is willing to become the trustee,
Of this worlds heart and soul
And see beyond what their mind has been told.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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