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Numerology/Astrology for 10/14/17
10/14/17 is the number 7. This number is a truth seeker. The number 7 does not take things at face value. It looks for the patterns of energy that show truth and reveal the hidden truths that others often wish to hide. Disappointment comes when you choose to believe what someone presents rather than who they really are deep down inside. In astrology that is why you have your Sun sign which is who you are and your ascendant which is how others see you. All of us have masks that protect our authentic self that we prefer to show the world. Enlightenment happens when you recognize how you come across but choose to remove those masks and reveal your true, authentic self in a way that is peaceful, fearless, and honest. In the world, right now we need more people who are honest in this way. But it is a difficult path. Those still holding up masks are threatened by authentic expression and choose to tear down those exhibiting truth because that truth threatens the lie in which they live. Pessimism is derived from those that take the intellectual qualities of discernment of the number 7 and turn them into the negative. They use the mind as a weapon against others instead of using it as a tool for awakening.

On Saturday, Venus enters one of her home sign of Libra until November 7th. Venus loves to go home and hopefully this will help some of this chaotic and displaced upset that is plaguing the world right now. This is a great cycle for improving your relationships. Practice diplomacy in difficult conversations under this graceful energy. Venus performs very well here and transits until November 7th. Your tendency is to employ charm for getting what you want. You might feel very obliging with others and quite willing to negotiate and compromise. Just be careful that you are especially idealistic about love. So, you are a bit more vulnerable to be taken for a ride by someone who may not feel as deeply as you do. You prefer things to be done the “right” way and are turned off by aggressive or uncouth behavior. The shadow of this energy is dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, you might want to gloss over deeper issues at play. But that is not the best use of this pattern. It’s probably best to avoid the trap of acquiescing to others while privately resenting the fact or thinking of yourself as a martyr for doing so! This is also a time when your artistic side can be of great help is handling stress. You seek balance and harmony in your personal environment. There is a quincunx between Mercury and Chiron occurs this morning, so realize that decisions can be hard to come by under this influence. You may doubt your perceptions or the effectiveness of your ability to solve problems. It can be hard to read the intention behind the words used to communicate now. So expect that to lead to minor misunderstandings. A Sun-Moon sextile this afternoon is cooperative, creative, and focused on the positive. The world is moving into a Mercury-Uranus opposition, exact early tomorrow, and this can be a little confrontational or rebellious in your communications. Disagreements with others are entirely possible. It’s not the time to present an argument or an important idea, but the friction stimulated now can challenge you to learn more about your mind and the opinions that you hang onto so desperately. Epiphanies and unusual ideas can occur. Listen as you might learn something valuable through others’ opposition to your present ideas or positions. The Moon is in Leo all day.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Do you want more stuff
or do you want a deeper life?

If you want more of anything
you are operating from ego.

If you want deeper
you are moving
with your soul essence.

~Suzanne Wagner~
Have you ever had a person in your life that always seemed nice but inside you felt your core essence shield yourself and instinctively choose to not let that person in deeply? And no matter how much you attempted to open there was just something inside that just would not let you do that. Logic never worked but there was just something that blocked any mental argument in favor of that deeper intuitive protective instinct. Those moments can reflect some unresolved past life karmic situation but it can also indicate that the façade that the person is presenting is not who they really are deep down inside. I believe that we all have layers of masks that we wear for different people and different situations. Sometimes we use them to cope with an unusual situation so that we have a moment to adjust and figure out what is real and what is not. But sometimes those masks become such a habit that they feel almost “normal”. But normal is not natural or authentic and in life that is what the bigger “game” is all about. Learn to trust that instinct and not override it with your mind. That instinct is there for a reason. Trust it. Then take your time to figure out what is your karmic debt and responsibility. And look at what is real and what is not real. Only from knowing someone’s deepest core and authentic self should you choose to open fully and let some else into your most vulnerable self. Once you understand who someone really is you can still open authentically but you will know how to read the signs when they begin to slip into a part of their ego or persona.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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