October 15, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 10/16/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/16/16

10/16/16 is the number 8. You may feel with this number 8 a bit of hopelessness at figuring out how to break free from the patterns of dysfunction in your love life. Sometimes you have to grieve and move through all the feelings and emotions that come up in the process of letting go. Only then can you be clear as to the next steps or find another pathway through this pattern that is stiffeling you both. Sometimes you have to let go before you can discover a completely new way or understand how you might be co-contributing to a pattern that has outgrown its usefulness. The Full Moon occurs shortly into the day, at 12:23 AM EDT, in the sign of Aries. There can be a sense of surprise, shock, or frustration involved with your emotional discoveries now. Certainly, there can be a strong urge to break free from old patterns in your relationships. The Moon leaves Aries at 11:00 AM when it enters Taurus. A semisquare between Venus and Mars occurring today in many ways contrasts the signs of Mars-ruled Aries and Venus-ruled Taurus and points to differences in approaches, desires, and needs. Tensions in relationships can result. Attempting to satisfy romantic needs and assertive/sexual needs simultaneously can be challenging. There is an air of competitiveness under this influence that is often difficult but can also be stimulating and invigorating. The beginning of the week has the moon in Taurus. It is time to find a happy blend between hard-working part of Taurus and the sensual pleasure side of Taurus. The tone changes on multiple levels Tuesday morning. The moon moves into Gemini in the middle of the week, supporting multi-tasking quick projects and conversations. At the same time, Venus moves into Sagittarius until November 11th. Sagittarius likes bigger perspectives and projects compared to short & quick Gemini. Venus in Sagittarius is a bawdy party energy. Think of Mae West “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three to make sure.” Venus wants relationship and Sagittarius wants the honeymoon part of relationships more than long term commitments. Remember that ambitious Mars is in serious Capricorn this month, so it is work hard, play hard in spite of all the party energy, Wednesday and Thursday are a mixture of difficult and easy. The moon makes happy relationships to the planets for ease and flow. However, Mars aligns with Pluto early Wednesday and this brings a raw and forceful energy, which can cause things often to break under this type of pressure. Practice surfing these energies on these days instead of trying to over manage disruptive changes. On Thursday early morning, Mercury is on the opposite side of the sky from Uranus. Do you choose to speak nicely or start a revolution? Part of you wants to follow the rules and another part wants to run off into the woods. Try being a diplomatic revolutionary!

~Suzanne Wagner~



There are many moments when we fear life.
We fear what is ahead.
We fear letting go of the pattern
that we have been living.
We know we want sometimes desperately
and desire to escape
from this present pattern in our life
that we know is holding us back.
We question whether it is us
or a bigger pattern trying to coax us
into a new place.
You hope for something better
the question is if you are willing
to do what is necessary to get there.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Willingness is the key to change. You cannot change for others you can only change for yourself. Change is hard for everyone but we all have cycles in life and those cycles come and go. When a cycle has gone on a long time and there has been such a great exchange of energy and love it becomes very difficult to let go of that life pattern in favor of a new energy and frequency. All things change. All cycles have beginnings and endings. Can you see the past patterns in your life that you were willing to let go of and allow change? Can you see how those changes were always eventually an improvement and allowed you to see beyond your present understanding of the situation? Are you willing once again, to step beyond one structure and expand into a bigger reality?

~Suzanne Wagner~

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