January 10, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 1/11/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/11/16
January 11th is the number 3. Take a look at what you really stand for in the world. Where do you get the “juice” from life? What makes life worth living? What is the passionate drive inside want to do to help this world? Take a moment to focus on that and don’t let all the distractions of life, politics, television, the news, get you off your center and focus. All you have to do is remember that you are here to give and share love with others. Everything else becomes a distraction from you learning to open and become one with your authentic self and heart. Find the positive in the things that irritate you. See yourself in the negative reflections that surround you. What bothers you the most are characteristics that you hold within. Whether you are expressing them externally or throwing them around internally to manipulate yourself into some small behavior is the question. Look at all the mirrors around you. Let go of the projection that there is really anything outside and deal you’re your deep inside that is calling you to listen and pay attention. With retrograde Mercury in minor challenging aspect to Saturn today, you could be dealing with problems related to technology, communications, and transportation. You may find yourself having to return to old problems, or having to redo tasks that you felt were complete. There can be some negative thinking or criticism to deal with. Watch out for where you might also have negative expectations over a particular situation. This energy is best used for focusing on fixing errors rather than harping on how irritating they are. However, the Aquarius Moon taps into the energy of an upcoming Venus-Uranus trine as it moves to the planets’ midpoint this afternoon. You can finally feel a sense of moving forward and that can also serve to open your mind and heart to new ideas and new ways of relating.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I write because it is dangerous, a bloody risk, like love, to form the words, to say the words, to touch the source, to be touched, to reveal how vulnerable we are, how transient we are. I write as though I am whispering in the ear of the one I love.

~Terry Tempest Williams~


Last night there was a wonderful event I went to in the area where I live. I looked at it as a person who had come from a very different place. In my childhood I was raised with a strong sense of values, discipline, and sense of duty to do something for the world and to leave this world in a bit of a better spot when I die. Those values were taught to me from my parents in actions and life style. Now at the age of 55 I find myself in a place that is very different than the lifestyle where I was raised and I am very grateful for both. I like the person that I am and I like my impeccability and my sense of ethics and values. And I like that I am in an environment with people who had a desire to live in a place that was beautiful, remote, and that they treasured simple things, music, connection with each other, connection to a particular lifestyle, and a desire to leave a small carbon footprint on the planet. My life is filled with diversity. My life has been an adventure in experiencing different people and ways of being. It has opened my eyes to the vastly different ways each of us decide live our lives and why. It shows me the unique gifts that each of us hold inside and it show me that learning how to connect to each other with those gifts is what life is all about.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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