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Numerology/Astrology for 1/11/21

1/11/21 is the number = 8.

Add the 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 8

Perhaps with this number 8 day, sadness will wash over our souls for the terrible week America has endured. Perhaps allowing the horror and truth to not be deflected is exactly what we need to feel into the required deep regret for those that were in our Government who avoided taking action in obvious moments dangerous to our Republic. Some derailed all actions to bring accountability to those who had gotten out of control. It should be clear that many were unable to govern or even abide by their oaths of office. Sometimes we just have to sit in the misery of the truth that had been plainly visible for very long. We have to sit with the horror of our own inaction and recognize the cost of complacency.
It is a terrible price to pay but perhaps one that will allow us to grow and change quickly in our future.
I pray for the safety of our Republic.
I pray for the safety of our Constitution.
I pray for the safety of our people.
I pray for sound minds and open hearts to win in this battle of good over evil.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

Jupiter aligns with Mercury today and it is time to communicate that it is time to reach for higher goals that are good for everyone. Do not let any ideas become too radical with all this energy happening right now.
Today, Chiron sextiles Jupiter and Mercury. While this is a positive aspect in many ways, I am concerned that it can also easily get corrupted by those who do not have the best of intentions.
May the plans being created do positive things in the world.
May outcomes be fore the greater good.
May the healing be for all hearts so that we can come back together.
There will be some that take this as a resolution moment.
May again those resolutions be to bring all of us back into balance.
But under this astrology it is also best to not promise more than you can actually do and accomplish. Work towards being healthy, happy, and whole. We need to stretch out of all old ways of thinking and become more integrative in our expressions from this point on. Those thoughts that intentionally undermine any form of progress need to be put aside.
The Moon aligns with Venus in Capricorn and we are inclined to want to take care of business and “get on with it”.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“It is our time to
stand by the country …
not the president”.
~Arnold Schwarzenegger~


I am a fan of the refined, the subtle, the quiet things that filter into life and make that life wondrous and magical.
I am not a fan of the grotesque. The twisted deformities that evil words, thoughts, actions, and deeds manifest in our world.
To me it is a simple truth. Dark thoughts create dark deeds that lead to regret. It forms many types of “cancers”, which eat away at souls. And these cancers have the intention to destroy the organism on which it is feasting.

Dark energy is a corrupted system that destroys itself with its own toxic thoughts and beliefs.
And what is so surprising is that those stoking racism and hate cannot see what they do.
They cannot see they are destroying themselves and their soul’s positive progression.
They are destroying that which has protected them and allowed them to have massive freedoms that most never actually fought for …. Ever … in this life.
They are destroying everything that protected them for generations.

A person that cannot see that the outcome they are choosing is so horrific … is a person that is not remotely in their rational mind. They have been fed a soup of hate and whipped into a frenzy by a puppeteer that does not have any of their interests at heart.
The human energetic toll between a pandemic and the emotional distress of such horror has the people of our country in a multitude of forms of PTSD.
And I know looking at the astrology that we are not remotely done with this.

We are watching the death throes of an energy that was buried long ago. Those holding the containers of that toxic waste are finally melting, exploding, and have broken out of their hidden places. Now everyone can see the putrid, festering, cancer that some have been holding for too long inside.
It is tremendously sad and it will require a massive clean-up. Some places will show the consequences of such toxicity for generations to come.

We will heal but we will never be the same again. Perhaps that is good. Perhaps that is what is needed for Americans come out of this place of infantile perception and distortion. Growing up is hard to do. It takes owning up to the problems, changing, and dealing with the fall out. That is what maturity is after all.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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