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Numerology/Astrology for 1/12/21

1/12/21 is the number = 9.

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 9
We are in uncharted territory and with the numerology many things are coming full circle (the number 9). Some potentially very scary things.
But what goes around … always comes around … eventually. And it is never pretty.
Tough choices are in front of us.
More than just the obvious. Each small step that has happened over years have compiled to create this moment.
It is an unprecedented moment.
One that the history books and professors will speak about for a thousand years.
I pray for calmness and hope to be evolving into positive actions. We will have to wait and see.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

The New Moon is in Capricorn.
It is an interesting New Moon because it is aligned with the serious and karmic sign of Capricorn.
Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury have all moved into progressive Aquarius. This indicates that it is time to make a “total commitment” to a transcendental goal. This Capricorn Moon will bring those goals down to earth and show them how to work in “real” life.
While at the same time we are being asked to reach into our more altruistic higher energies (All the Aquarius energy). Aggressive and battle savvy, Mars, is moving towards exact alignment with revolutionary Uranus in the coming days (just in time for Inauguration Day).
I am afraid that we need to expect that while this aspect can bring fresh new ideas it can also bring disruptive revolutionaries trying to bring down the system.
I pray for calmer minds and strong resolve in those needing to handle it.

Mercury is square to Uranus in the morning making an impatient and scattered type of mental energy.

Disorganization and abruptness will tend to be the “go to” place and it will leave things in a bit of chaos (if not handled properly).
Deal with what matters most in the world. While you may feel as if you cannot seem to get everything done, it will be okay. If you feel you need to jump ahead of situations … that is okay also.
Expect the old reality to react and get upset as the Wheel of Life turns once again. Insight is possible in flashes of awareness. Pay attention to them when they arise.

Venus forms a square to Chiron in the afternoon. Some will feel exhausted and drained. It is going to be difficult to regroup and get some energy back right now.
There is a scary type of vulnerability that is just below the surface. We can feel is bubbling to the surface, see the signs flashing all around us. It is threatening the past monoliths of stability in our world.
Overall, everything feels a bit wired, weird, and disjointed.

In anticipation for what is to come.

~Suzanne Wagner~


How can we see past passions and distortion?
How can we bring truth back into proportion?
We can find balance when goodness is the path.
We can find harmony when truth overtakes wrath.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I think it is time for some silliness.
Serious silliness!
The world is so constricted!
So much is bubbling and hot.
I know I need a break from the constant earthquakes and tremors of chaos that threaten to break through the old crust of stability and sanity.
I know what is coming ….. and I know that we have just begun the Pluto Return in the US chart. It will not be over for at least 2 years. That is why each of us need to pace ourselves. This is a marathon … not a sprint.
I know we are entering into an unprecedented time in history. I know that what is about to transpire is going to be an example in history books of massive failure or the story of redemption through an unprecedented turn that will can change previous tragic histories into potential heroic destiny’s.
I believe in us! I believe in the United States of America. I believe in the unity this country has shown in the past and the unity that can be again in the future.

But I cannot believe in that alone. It will not work. I need to believe in that possibility with a majority of others who believe in the ideal that is America. Not this pettiness that seems to rule small minds and closed hearts.

We are bigger than this. We are better than this!

We will see if that is again possible.
I know it can be done.
I know we have done it before.

I pray that we can set aside differences and come back to a place where we can laugh and be free again.

In the meantime, I am going to create laugher in my life. Create connection and joy. And create a world that I want to live in. I refuse to care or listen to those that hate, smear, deceive, and believe in distortion regardless of what their eyes and ears are telling them.

I know that others want to join such a cause.
All those that do not want to find fault and those whose hearts lead the way in choices that impact others are welcome.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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