November 14, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 11/15/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/15/15
November 15th is the number 7. Today is a day when you have to take a look at the structure of your own healing. Healing has a particular pattern that it follows to fully transform injuries into strength. Scar tissue us stronger than the surrounding tissue. It is built but that way because in the healing process things sometimes have to be immobilized to heal and there can be a bit of atrophy. The scar prevents you from hurting yourself again. How often have you stepped completely away from something that wounded you deeply, whether that was a person or a situation? That is a necessary step for healing. But there comes a moment when you need to test that place inside you. You have to go back to a situation and see if you can hold who you are now and not feel injured or hurt. It is like testing a foot that was torn as a dancer. You have to go back into the class and do the steps that broke it and you have to finally do something full out to see how it does. Sometimes that requires you to tear the scar tissue. That is necessary to get rid of the restriction of that tissue. You have to trust your muscles in your foot and as your confidence comes back in to that foot in a moment of going “full out” that scar tissue tears and there is a moment of panic. The thought is, “Oh No! Did I just hurt myself again?” But after you get over the shock your realize that you tore the scar tissue and suddenly your foot is much better, looser, and there is more fluidity. This week is like tearing scar tissue on an old wound. You are testing yourself from issues in the past. For a moment you think you might be damaging yourself again, but you are actually doing the structure of healing. And that requires you to push yourself and test the old places in your life to realize how far you have come and how much you have learned. The Moon is in Capricorn all day, clashing with Venus this morning. This is a moment when your desire to get things done can be challenged. Your own desires to stray from the task or by social distractions and interruptions are getting in the way of real progress. The Moon aligns with Capricorn this evening, and then you will feel far more focused and willing to throw yourself into a specific task, although whatever this is may or may not be good for us! The Capricorn Moon is generally a stabilizing one, although not especially strong for emotional awareness or fulfillment. Focus is on common sense and usefulness today and things will turn out great.
~Suzanne Wagner~


No matter how others behave, I keep peace in my heart.

~Louise Hay~


Terrorists only win when you allow their projection to infect your reality. They are called terrorists because they want you to become terrorized. Learning to not let others create states of emotion in your body that do not serve you is essential in being able to maintain a state of compassionate grace. England did this wonderfully in WWII as they were being bombed. They created structures and ways to cope with the situation and they refused to give into the chaos that was coming at them. That did not mean that they did not feel fear it just means that they chose solidarity and country over there own personal experience. There are moments when we are all braver together. It is when you feel totally alone that you can fall deeply into despair and hopelessness. In these amazing times, none of us are alone. We are only alone if we isolate ourself from the obvious connections that surround us. France is not alone. We all understand being the targets for terror. What is important to remember is that this astrology this month is exceptionally intense and it will be worse before it gets better. The “crazy” energy out there is looking to find the places that will collapse you. Do not let it. Thanksgiving is an especially volatile time and I unfortunately feel that because of this holiday and the meaning of that holiday that the United States could be targeted around that time period. So everyone stay awake, keep your inner center and clarity, and lets all stick together. We are first and foremost a country of freedom fighters. We are first and foremost a country that bans together regardless of religion, race, or other human projections that mean nothing. Situations happen for us to step out of pettiness and into looking at the huge fact that we are all one. Sending much love and light to the people of the world being terrorized by those whose primary goal is to hurt others.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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