November 13, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 11/14/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/14/15
November 14th is the number 6. This is that pregnant pause where you have to be still to manage your next move in life. It is wise to contemplate your center and core essence before moving. Find the love, then find your love, and then find what those together want to say and how that moves you. When you feel that knot in your gut relax because you have an awareness and understanding then that is your new center and core. You are being asked to own your spiritual truth and to live it no matter what anyone else thinks. That is difficult but it is what is supposed to happen. Remember, today, you will not feel clear so drop into your center and discover the voice deep in your gut. Listen and learn, then act on that powerful voice that wants you to change in an empowering way. When you suppress the truth it will eat away at your gut and cause illness and discomfort. Today, listen, learn, and then act. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius much of the day, until 7:22 PM EST, and our spirit for non-routine activities continues to run high. The Moon enters practical, resourceful Capricorn at 7:22 PM, and your emotional focus tends to shift to more earthy goals and activities. Venus forms a quincunx with Neptune today, and you may have a hard time seeing people or situations clearly. It’s better to avoid making big financial or relationship-related decisions while this influence is in effect.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I am on a journey I’ve not taken before. I’m figuring it out as I go.

~Sue Fitzmaurice~



The old is over, the new is evolving. Yes, there are still things to clean up but the bulk of the issues from the past are over. Saturn is in a new place and it is allowing you to see the new chapter in your life. It is time to believe in yourself in a way that is beyond your old mechanisms. You are in a blind space where you cannot see and you do not know. The Nodes have shifted and this new reality is really uncharted territory. You are supposed to feel lost not in a way that you are hopelessly confused, but more like you are in a domain of completely new information and you are overwhelmed and overloaded trying to understand this information that is coming in through a foreign language. You recognize the new language and that the universe is sharing bucket loads of information but you cannot sort it as fast as it is coming in. So you are storing it wherever you can in your body and you are getting exhausted in the attempt. The information of others and the opinions of others are no longer adequate for understanding life and truth. The realization of that is shocking. Therefore the only recourse is for you to go on your own journey of discovery. But it is scary when you break away from the safe confines of the old paradigm. It is so much easier to trust another’s words especially if they have power or authority. Finally that is not enough. Finally you are not satisfied with that reality. Finally you have the courage of the love and compassion inside of you more than the words of others. You are so frustrated with where things are disconnected and not fitting for you that you find that you have to step out into this unknown world and experience your own life, your own truth, and let go of all the safety that has gotten you to this point. It is time for you to research and find the keys and pieces that integrate into your core in a knowing and aligned way. In life I think there is always fate, and then there are moments of free will. This is a very strong free will moment. Probably one of the biggest any of you have felt in this lifetime. Yes, it is going to be scary. Yes, the future looks uncertain. But you are being asked to step beyond the knowledge of others and look into the wisdom that the universe is presenting to you right now. Are you going to remain blind forever or are you going to allow the fact that you have been given new eyes to see and open those eyes and allow the universe to reveal a much more complex and deeper truth to you. We all have a choice but that discomfort in your gut, that fear that is eating at you is telling you to leap and that you do not have all the truth. It is scary when you discover that the tools that you have been so attached to, that have gotten you to this point, are suddenly and woefully lacking. It is going to be okay. But you have to follow your heart. You have to move in the direction where you do not feel suppressed. Do you feel yourself defending a position or attacking another person’s beliefs? Step out of the place of defending and attacking and into the place that you are seeking. And seeking requires you to trust in your ability to be determined enough to find the answers with no short cuts. You are being asked to create a life that does not cause conflict within you and that does not go against the spiritual precepts that hold the greatest value to you. You have to live and create a life that in the end you find had value and supported the expansion of the greatest love. And that is always up to you. You can be a cow and try to remain safe in a barn but you must know that at some point the fate of that cow is in the hands of the rancher. Or you can become a wolf and stand alone, free, in the fresh air of wildness and take control over your life. Knowing that such a choice means that you will have to live moment-by-moment in a space of accepting the unknown fate that awaits you. But, don’t worry. There are other wolves to be found. Just because you cannot see them yet does not mean they are not there. Whenever you shift levels you discover that there are many others who have also made that same leap and you will discover new connections, new friends, new safety, and new community.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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