December 31, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 1/1/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/1/17

1/1/17 is the number 3. I love it when the numerology reflects the gratitude we all feel in finally saying goodbye to 2016. And yes, while there were some great times in 2016 the overall feeling was one of pathos and intense emotional expression for all of us even if it was just in witnessing the drama of others there was no way to not feel the heightened energetic flow that was 2016. While some of you are feeling the negative side of the number 3, which makes you feel a lack of stamina and focus, others of you are feeling the encouraging potential that can give you the momentum to expand your mind and thinking and ignite your soul’s deepest purpose. This is a time to be brave and also limit the confrontational qualities that 2016 exhibited to an extreme degree. It is time to find your rhythm and passion and allow that to move you forward. From that place manifestation demonstrates love, kindness, and compassion. Mars and Neptune come together in the sign of Pisces very early today. This brings your impulses and desires into a somewhat confusing, peculiar, hard to explain, or difficult to understand pattern. You may not feel content with your regular routines or your present life circumstances. There is a deep desire for radical change and a total overhaul of your past self and find a deeper reality upon which you can stand in a more grounded and congruent way. On one level you tend to crave more drama, glamour, or meaning to almost everything in your life. That big picture reality is making concentration on practical concerns and affairs somewhat difficult. You want to act on your intuition but you have enough recognition to know that your fantasies are strong so you don’t quite trust them. At every turn you seem to be second-guessing yourself. Don’t feel bad. That is as it should be. Such a major change needs to be felt into on a level that is perhaps unfamiliar to you from any other moment in your life. You want to strive towards all that is boundless. Fortunately there is less tension and most of you are feeling more relaxed. After all, “What will be, will be”. And each of you will have to deal with all this newness as it comes up moment-by-moment. This transit favors dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment. The Moon is in Aquarius all day, stimulating your humanitarian impulses as well as an enterprising spirit as the Moon connects harmoniously with Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus.
~Suzanne Wagner~

“Love is always a disturbing presence. We must disrupt the order of things to obey the orders of Love.” –
~Vera de Chalambert~



“2017”. The two indicates that we are taking a look at the duality within us and in the outer world. Be careful to not see everything as polarized between “them and us”. It is by owning the shadow reflection of the other that you learn about the parts of yourself that you do not love and accept. The 0 magnifies the duality that is happening in the world and that seems to be pretty obvious that that has been going on for a while. The world is waking up to those that “have” and those that “have not”. That imbalance desires correction. The number 1 shows that you have to stand up as the individual that you are. You have to find the deepest part of your truth and choose to live from that depth rather than from a more shallow position that requires no responsibility or accountability. Each person is now looking to what is true for themselves and then the dance is to find out how to create that in the external world. That is where the number 7 comes in. Only with structure and organization can you overcome the established patterns of power and control. But you cannot control anyone and anything if you cannot control yourself, your mind, your emotions, and your direction in life first. The Water Protectors of North Dakota have given us a clear map and guidelines to move the systems beyond the old patterns of greed. First you have to get organized and to understand the systems of social media and how to get truthful, documentable, visual information out there. Only by showing can you rally others to your cause and you have to make sure your cause is just and for the good of all. Those with selfish tendencies right now work contrary to the greater good. Those that want to incite violence are also dangerous to causes that have heart and the positive intent for the planet in mind. If you want to belong in this new world you have to have the combined impact of these numbers, which is the number 10. You have to be in power and control over your actions. You have to be conscious with your intent to not harm others and you have to be willing to stand for something. For each of you that will be different. But you have to find what “you” came to do, what “you” came to give this planet, and what “you” know deep in your heart is right. What is scary for many is that there is no more “wiggle” room. All choices have to be congruent with your higher self. All those that you empower have to reflect your spiritual mission to the most exacting degree. Learning that where you give your energy places you within that karmic realm of consequences is essential to finding the pathway through the tumultuous karmic potentials and into the deeper truth that is calling to awaken.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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