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Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/16

12/31/16 is the number 7. The number 7 reminds each of us that plans and strategies are really helpful but know that in such times as these the bigger plan is to stay flexible and become very present in the moment and highly adaptable in all changing circumstances. Preparing for 2017 is about knowing that you are not asleep and that you can respond to situations with grace, love, and openness. That does not mean to be a doormat and to just take what is offered but to really look beyond your own needs and into the needs of others to see how on a global level we “together” can have an impact that supports love and well-being for all on this beautiful planet. Know that the astrology is terrible today into tomorrow for drinking and driving so pick a designated driver or plan to have a taxi to get your from one point to another. Jupiter forms a quincunx with Chiron today. This aspect will align perfectly again in February and September 2017. This can cause you to re-evaluate your life goals, your beliefs and where you choose to put your faith. We are in a time of doubt and uncertainty. You may feel a little lost and susceptible to influences that seem to pull you back and forth. Know that the fight is between your ego and your soul. And that fight has never been more obvious. If you are not self-aware, you might push impractical ideas and projects ahead, only to face obstacles because your goals do not match the circumstances nor the reality. Remember, you are not in the past. You are not anywhere familiar as you move forward. With leaning into the new there is always discomfort. But that does not mean it is bad, it just means that it opens unknown doors and forces you to adapt and deal with life very differently. Circumstances are such that you need to make adjustments to your plans and goals on almost a daily basis if not weekly. You are going to need to tame expectations of yourself and others as no one is in their best or most stable place right now. The Moon is in Aquarius all day, and independence, equality, and freedom are vital to feeling emotionally satisfied. Mars moves to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, exact early into the day tomorrow, making your impulses and desires confusing, peculiar, hard to explain, or difficult to understand right now. You not longer feel content with your regular routines. Everywhere there seems to be more drama and everything seems to take on a bigger meaning and impact in your life. It may be difficult to concentrate on practical concerns and the desire to accomplish much seems to not have that punch or drive. It is really best to act on your intuition. Just be aware that fantasies are strong so stay grounded in this reality. This is a time when you can find inspiration if you are willing to tell yourself the truth. You may feel a bit like a yo-yo. You feel that you are consciously pulling back one moment and the moment you do that your energy levels will drop. Creative pursuits that involve physical movement are highly favored and could provide excellent outlets for excess, undirected energy. This influence favors dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment. There is something deep building inside of us but you may not yet know where it is taking you, or how to get there. There is a strong need to release pressure and tension. Find any doorway that allows you to actively seek out inspiration. These times require you to dig deep to uncover the hidden potential within your soul and heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“My dark days made me strong. Or maybe I already was strong, and they made me prove it.”

~Emery Lord~



Over and over again the universe tests you. It will bring up an issue again and again to see if you are willing to dive fully into a place and perspective to discover the deepest truths that wisdom can show you, or it brings up the possibility of expansion and the possibility of another angle or direction that suits your essence better. The choice is always yours to make.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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