November 16, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/17/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/17/16

11/17/16 is the number 10. The Moon transits Cancer all day, and you seek out feelings of belonging, safety, and familiarity. However, there can be competing energies that prevent you from getting the rest and nurturing that we need to move forward. Neptune forms a conjunction to the South Node of the Moon, and you will find yourself wrestling with avoidance issues. You may be making impractical choices, lacking common sense or seeing things through the lens of wishful thinking. This is a time for seeing what kinds of negative attachments you may have that are holding you back from growing and thriving. It is time to let some people and things go in your life. It would be wonderful to be able to have consistency in life with the people that you know you could count on for a whole life but that is impractical and improbable. Each person has their own issues that have to be learned and some people come in to help us with those issues. They could be helping you by triggering the issue to come into your awareness or by being that essential sounding board. But life is about cycles and this cycle is about shifting things in a quite dramatic way. The old pattern now seems not only outmoded but also dysfunctional and there is no longer inside the energy to maintain that pattern any longer. And as much as you want to keep things consistent in your world, what is crystal clear is that change is the only answer and the only doorway through which you can continue to progress. You have survived a cycle with this group of people and it is just time for you to shift into a new circle of energies that can help you find what you are looking for, whether that is internal awareness or external support. In doing that you do not need to make anyone wrong or bad. It is just a cycle. Each person in your life that has had an impact of significance is a part of your spiritual family. Just because that closeness and connection is shifting does not minimize the impact that person or situation had on your life. Be as graceful as you can in this shift with others. Be a compassionate heart that is giving permission for each person to find his or her new pathway home.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Choose your intention carefully and then practice holding your consciousness to it, so it becomes the guiding Light in your life!

~J. Roger~



Does it feel as if you are in a loop and trying to get out of it? You are looking for the place of sanity in your life. It is going to take some work and personal effort. It is a big enough pattern that you cannot do it alone. But the past patterns and people that used to help are not able to navigate the shift that is happening right now for you personally. Each person is up against some big patterns and the only way through is to take a completely different path. You do not understand completely what is happening and honestly you are not supposed to either. This whole pattern is about overcoming fear. I wish it was going to be easy but it is not. Things are stimulating old insecurities and fears and how much you contract shows how much you have worked through some patterns that have happened over the last few years. This can be a moment of great illumination if you are willing to go through what you have been resisting going through. A lot of things are stirred up right now. You have to let something big go. This is so big right now that you need others as reflections and sounding boards for this shift happening. You are trying to be cautious and grounded but it is still a moment when regardless of how much you figure things out you cannot do this alone. But you might need some new people to help you rather than the old ones that have been your anchors for a long time. You need a new and fresh perspective but it is so different that you might question your sanity. Be very kind to yourself and others because the level of vulnerability and sensitivity is very high. Look to your grounding right now in your life. You are going to need it more than ever this next week.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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