November 19, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 11/20/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/20/15

November 20th is the number 3. Great ready for a day of emotional swings and frustrating lows. Take the number 3 as a means to recognize your inner emotional triggers and attempt to let them flow but don’t let them out of your mouth. After all, your emotions need to move and it is important to feel what you feel but especially today, letting it out your mouth would be very unwise. Mercury enters Sagittarius today, where it will transit until December 9th. Mercury goes into Sagittarius it is also not in its happy place but that is forcing you to get your mind to expand in new ways. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, your thinking shifts from a need to plumb the depths of any given situation to the desire to learn about a wide range of topics. You know you need more information and lots of it. Ideals are sought, your thinking is more optimistic, and your faith increases. You feel more equipped to believe and to persuade. What is fair and unfair overwhelms the mind as you seek to understand so you can make a conscious shift. However, this pattern makes choices not always very precise and clear. It often feels like trying to fit yourself into a mold that does not really suit your essence. Venus forms a square with Pluto today, and there can be a lot of passionate exchanges. It is important to look to where you might have a hidden agenda. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness run high and there is a fear of losing someone or something. Social interactions may be intense or could provoke intense feelings. So it might be best to put off that conversation that you feel you “need” to have till mid December. I find it is never good to have a conversation when you are triggered. In a nutshell this is an “all or nothing” energy. Take a look at those around you and know that you may be dealing with manipulative behavior in others. Your fear of betrayal and power struggles is heightened. Treat this time as a chance to understand yourself better. I know you want to put something to rest but it is not really going to happen today.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When we send love in response to hate, we become spiritual alchemists.

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer~



Thank you Wayne Dyer for this quote today. I think I need to engrave it on my forehead so that not only will I not forget but I also will be a walking poster of remembrance for others. We need a world full of spiritual alchemists right now. Such times force souls to awaken and to stand up to the atrocities of the world. And yet, when you do you recognize what a difficult place it is to stand. All of the great spiritual teachers have counseled patience, love, compassion, and humility and yet still on this earth there is such a huge animalistic drive to fight and kill. I believe that we are all down here to learn to find a way to balance our primal (fight or flight) brain with our higher consciousness brain. I see how difficult it is in myself to do that in times where I see others become hurt by those who are moving primarily from their baser reactive parts of their brain. I also see the need for that part of the brain. It is not all bad, that part is very protective of family and is willing to do what it takes to allow for the survival of itself and those that it loves. I understand that we are down here to learn to find that “middle” within our own heart and soul. But how do you get those that are so attached to the “aggressive” and “killing” pattern to shift into another place. Some may never shift in this life. But I believe that without education and proper training of minds to be discerning and skilled in gathering up information and weighing it within their own consciousness it is impossible to shift those locked in particular beliefs and patterns of behavior. If someone is surrounded with a particular belief and pattern and there is no room or environment for active discussion about all ideas, not just the ones from your area, your culture, your clan, your religion, or your slant, then you make choices based on not all the information. But humanity loves simple answers when the reality is that life and all the information out there is so vast that in truth the human mind could spend a lifetime learning and only scratch the surface. That realization can be overwhelming and that is where we all sell out to our places of comfort. It is work to discover the truth for yourself. It is never easy. And yet, it is the most fulfilling journey you can ever take.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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