January 1, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 1/1/2019 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/1/19

1/1/19 is the number 5! Happy New Year! We all survived the wild ride of 2018 and now set the tone for our reality in 2019. Change is always good and now we start out this New Year with the tone of the number 5. It is all about the Earth Mother and our connection to life or our disconnection to nature. One way or the other this world is going to get out attention and it is time to make that shift into healing our world. In doing so we also heal ourselves and the things that ail us. We are not just an individual having an experience. We are also part of a greater whole. We are a microcosm to a macrocosm. As one part of us is ill all parts feel the impact of that illness. The trick is to not treat the symptom but the cause. And treating the whole rather than “just wanting” to feel better quickly is going to take some self-discipline and effort. We can no longer take short cuts and take a pill. We are going to have to unravel the many layers of this dysfunction to get our world back to homeostasis. The number 5 tells us that we are going to have to put our backs into it. It can be done but it will take effort and working together to find the places of illness and find out how to fix them. But with everyone working towards the same goal it can and must be done.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

There are two eclipses in the Month of January. The Solar Eclipse on the 5th is the first in Capricorn since 2011 and the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is the last one in Leo-Aquarius until 2026. This indicates that we are in a transition period that begins with the New Year. There is a very clear line of an ending and a new beginning. I celebrate that in every way.

Take a look at how you are dealing with boundaries in your life and make a plan for a long-term goal with Capricorn backing you to create structures that serve your highest good.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo gives you a final opportunity to look at where your heart and power has decided to focus. Be honest as to where you have been stuck since 2017 and make a change because now you have the insight and direction to kickstart this year forward.

Athletic and energizing Mars is in Aries all month, helping exercise programs get off to a good start in 2019.  Movement serves you in all ways in January. Venus moves through Sagittarius most of the month, so you can explore new relationships or open to new adventures.

On New Year’s Day, the Moon is in private Scorpio and the Sun aligns with Saturn. This combination provides the opportunity for deep inner work, including holding yourself accountable to the decisions and commitments you need to make for the coming year.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon moves into highly social Sagittarius. This is especially strong on Thursday because of a talkative aspect of Mercury and insightfully curious Uranus. Meet new people and try something new. This is a great time to try.

This month, it will be interesting to watch USA relations with China as the path of the eclipse starts in northeastern China and moves part way across the Pacific Ocean. This energy tends to be serious in tone because 5 of the 10 planets we use in astrology are in responsible, hard-working Capricorn. This is perfect to set long term goals and include deadlines to make certain you get them done.

Because Pluto is in this combination, and the god of the underworld demands you release anything that takes away your power, be it things, people, attitudes or beliefs. Saturn reminds you that you must work towards the long term rather than expecting immediate change.

~Suzanne Wagner~


With 2018 in the past
It is time to shift what had been cast.
Now we look towards shifting shores.
Ones that support ours and yours.
May this year become the hope
That was dashed, crushed, and groped.
It is up to us to make the change
That we want for all to gain.
With this wish I cast a spell
To help this world stand up and yell.
Call out to those whose hearts are closed.
Call out to those that must be deposed.
Power is given but also taken away.
To those that have decided to betray.
When you betray the trust of those in need.
You are not to be helped or believed.
The world can see. The world does know.
The world does mature and can outgrow.
That which is old and past its prime.
That which harms life is a war crime.
Throughout time, again and again.
It does not come out to what will win.
But what remains and gives support
What gives your life meaning and purport.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I remember when I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I was 25 years old. No one knew what it was back then. I had a very bad round of Mononucleosis which had laid me out for a month and just never got back my energy. I would go to work (doing ballet) and in the day it was as if my brain split. One part of my brain said, “I have to get out of here. Right Now! Or I was going to have a panic attack or die!” The other part of my brain said, “Now, now now! I bet you can stay another 5 minutes!” Then at the five-minute mark, it would say, “See you stayed 5 minutes so I bet you could stay anther 5 minutes!” And so, it went on, day after day, week after week, and month after month. Each day I would get home and collapse with mental and physical exhaustion and sleep from 7 pm or whenever I got home for 12 plus hours. I knew this was not normal, but every doctor would tell me that I was depressed. But I did not feel depressed. Test after test could reveal nothing and after all I was a successful professional ballet dancer in great physical shape to look at me, so they all wanted to put me in the “depressed” box. But I knew better. I radically shifted me diet. I went organic, I could not eat anything protein or fatty without feeling terribly sick and collapsing so I went Vegan. It was not over a moral issue but because I literally could not digest any fat what so ever. Slowly I got better on my own without any help from the medical world until I met a Doctor that was working with women who were now showing a different type of illness they had newly labeled “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. I went to this doctor’s lecture only to be amazed that I had every symptom he described. Talking to him personally after the lecture he was amazed at my progress and what I had figured out on my own. It seems that the Epstein Barr Virus that causes Mononucleosis lodges in the liver and prevents your ability to process protein. That protein because it cannot be digested turns toxic in the system and then backs up the liver function even more and that is what causes the collapse of the whole body. I had been doing the right things for myself after all. I from there went to an amazing Chinese Doctor named Dr. Minghua Zhang in Utah and she said that there were 4000 combinations of Chinese herbs. In their system, you fix one system and another system goes out of balance. Tt is like chasing a problem all around the body for a while until you managed to address the needs of each of those systems that has been thrown out of balance. Only in this way can you find that perfect homeostasis and alignment where the body is not struggling and in harmony again. She told me that it would take months of different herbs each week to find that perfect alignment. And she was right. It took about 3 months of each week making minor adjustments to find that balance, a lot of patience and determination, and a lot of effort and money. Commitment comes in many forms and to achieve goals it often takes all of them to accomplish the task at hand.

I share this long and drawn out story because 2019 is a year where our world is very sick, and we are all a part of contributing to that healing. It will take all of us working together to find out what is really wrong. And even as we attempt to find that “Perfect Balance” there will be many twists and turns in this dance. But we can find the way. We can find that place where health is restored to this world. We have been the problem and we can find the solutions that can more rapidly restore that balance. Without our concentrated effort, the illness will last longer and the healing more painful.

Therefore, it is time to put all our focus and effort into this healing. In truth, it will be the only way forward that serves all.

~Suzanne Wagner

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