December 30, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/18

12/31/18 is the number 9 shows that we have a perfect ending for a perfect day. We are reflecting on the past years purpose and significance and the number 9 adds in compassion, intuition, and creative expression. Use this double whammy moment to recognize that 2018 was one of significance and one that altered you and your connection to the world. How are you different? What choices and conclusions did you come to? Are they positively moving you forward into the world with more awareness and authenticity? 2018 molded each of us in ways that we are going to continue to explore, expand, and bring more fully into our awareness. Years such as 2018 do not come along often and when they come they bring radical shifts in global awareness. Close your eyes and feel into the flow and that new current that is carrying you forward into uncharted deeper waters. It will be okay. You are ready. You have been prepared. But you will not be allowed to move forward with baggage from your past because the shifts are now coming more rapidly. It is like you began a journey with a covered wagon and you brought many things that you now recognize that you do not need and cannot carry. While you have been attached to them and them mean a lot to you, you can see that carrying them any further forward is going to be a burden. If you are going to get to your goal you are going to have to leave those things behind. So what needs to be left behind? What is no longer necessary for this next chapter in the book or your life? Bring what is only the most necessary for your next chapter. Lighten your load and let the past be the past. You do not need things to remind you of who you are or where you have been. The most precious and important memories will live in your soul forever. You are forever connected to your choices and actions. So, things mean less. After all, those people that have impacted you and helped to shape you into who you are also will eventually have to be let go of. But the important moments that helped you find your way that they assisted you to discover are powerful tools to your conscious awakening. Those people also have to move along their own karmic journey. It is rare for others to walk our entire path with us. It is rare for us to walk an entire path with everyone in our life either. What is important is to give as many gifts of awareness, compassion, love and support as possible and to continue our journey, knowing that spiritual family always comes back together and always find each other. Trust your path, let others go on theirs, love them regardless and remember that what touches your heart and who touches your heart will live forever in your energy pattern that is this human experience.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Scorpio Moon continues to invoke us to go deep and to look at the consequences to our actions. It allows us to see the connections that are often hidden and the underlying meaning to behaviors and patterns that allow us to grow and evolve past our inherited quirks and traits.

This Moon is flowing well with the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune asking us to find a better balance inside between inspiration and practicality. You have the ability to get a lot done today and to feel more in a flow that is organic and supportive of who you are becoming.

Let yourself be as perceptive as you want, as passionate as you will allow and as brave as you spirit will allow.

Mars goes into Aries tonight and not long before the transition into the New Year, Mars is going to move into its home sign of Aries. This energy feels appropriate, energizing, expansive, willing, and ready to charge into the New Year with vigor and vitality. It is going to be a New Year with new ideas and a fresh approach to the old ideals. Mars will be in Aries until February 14th. It commands you to move in more spontaneous ways and to look forward into the future and to have the courage to let the past go. You are ready to playfully become more competitive in your spirit as long as it is balances with active, focuses, and confident choices. It is time to make those choices and decisions for yourself.

The shadow of Mars in Aries is impatience, arrogance, and a lack of self-reflection. If you notice that any movement is more important than considering how your actions impact others, you might want to stop and bring in how others feel and how you are impacting them. It is always good to love and help others find ways to presence.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Few things are more powerful
than learning to trust that you
path to a fulfilled life – and the
glorious destiny that you are
meant to share with the world – is
part of your soul’s blueprint.
~Rod Stryker~



Celebrate your life and your experiences of this year. Notice your progression. Notice that you are forever changed. Notice that you are more awake and aware. Awake to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Life is supposed to be full and at times overwhelming. Learning to live fully awake and alive. Learn to let that feeling of life overwhelm you and take you past your points of comfort. Learn to enjoy the human expression of sensation. You have a greater capacity to be fully present than you are currently feeling. There is always more. More requires your full presence and a willingness to move beyond the known. It requires a curiosity to discover the unknown. It requires you to risk safety for magic.

~Suzanne Wagner

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