November 20, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/21/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/21/16

11/21/16 is the number 5. It is a day for action and doing the groundwork that is going to be necessary for this new life that is being created. You also have to do major groundwork internally because everyone’s life as you know it is going to change in ways that you cannot imagine. So it is essential for you to find where you stand, what you are willing to stand for and take action in ways that you have probably never ever done in your life. But it is all good news. Change is slow in the best of times and this is not one of those moments right now. Change is going to come more rapidly and with greater consequences that will impact each person’s life to a great degree. So right now you have to make some grounded decisions about who you are and what you stand for in the history that is being written in your DNA right now by you choices and actions. Lessons of courage are never easy and yet that is exactly where we are in this moment in history. Down the road this moment may look like the best and shining moment of your courage and your soul’s stand for what is right and good in the world. When you stand for what is right often you are going against the popular flow. That is why it takes so much earth energy and willingness. One of my teachers used to say that “willingness” is one of the highest expressions of your soul’s conscious expression to manifest in the physical world. So what are you willing to do? Notice if you just want to go back to what you have always done. Notice if you want things to go backwards and go back to your complacent old ways of being. Even if you try to do that it will not work. The consequences of your choices have either awoken you to action or are pulling you into the karmic unconsciousness of your choices. Only time will show which side of history you will be on. Early today, the Last Quarter Moon is exact when the Sun in late Scorpio forms a square with the Moon in late Leo. The world is in a crisis of consciousness. It is time to look at what you think is knowledge, wisdom, and truth, and then come to a point when you need to sort out what works for you, and what doesn’t, in preparation for next week’s New Moon, when something will be born once again. We are in the decreasing light of the Moon, which symbolizes a descent into murky depths of the dark unconsciousness within your soul. It’s time to begin finishing up the details that have been in the forming stage for a few weeks. The Moon moves into productive Virgo at 4:35 AM EST. The Sun enters Sagittarius today where it will transit until December 21st. With the Sun in Sagittarius, your focus shifts from the need for an intimate connection with a person and with yourself, to the desire to reach out to the world and connect with something larger than your own inner perspective. This should spur you to come together as a force with others of like mind who want to help mitigate this present set of circumstances. While the Sun moves through this fiery, mutable sign of Sagittarius, it is a good moment to take steps to increase your understanding and awareness of the world. It is time to muster up the courage to expand your horizons and branch out into new ways of thinking. You can gain more confidence and optimism by focusing on the “big picture” as you move away from your focus on the details of mundane existence. Although you may be prone to overdoing your expectations, this will be a grand moment where you have the opportunity to nurture your deepest faith, hope, and vision. The Sun forms a semisquare with the Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter, so be careful of the tendency to overreach at this time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

“Truth cannot be taught
but it is quickly recognized
by the person ready to discover it.”
~Barry Long~
I wish truth could be taught.
If that were the case,
we would not be caught up
in this conflict right now.
~Suzanne Wagner~



In this blog I want to speak from my own personal experience of humanity. To be clear, there are good people and bad people in every walk of life and money and power do not make you a good person or a bad person. But money and power can magnify the egos projections and patterns of behavior to a point that they become highly distorted and dysfunctional. In my line of work I have been blessed to work with some of the most powerful people in the world and I am so grateful that many of them are amazingly conscious and want to have an impact that helps the world move forward and heals the planet. One of the most beautiful souls that I had the wonderful opportunity to meet was John Ritter. Never have I met a nicer man who cared deeply for people and a man who was as kind hearted, as he was talented. I also met Jim Nabors. He was another amazingly loving, complimentary, and generous person. I give these as examples because they are no longer alive and I want to show that there are people who used their fame, power, and money in ways that served life and this planet and they did it without a lot of fanfare or need for compliments.

But humanity is interesting, especially in this world of television and instant fame. When you do not have wealth, fame, or power you look up to those who do and want to emulate them so that you feel you can hobnob with them and become a part of their inner circle either through the hope of meeting them or by believing in what they say and what they believe in, or by adopting their attitudes as your own. So much of the world gets caught up in “wanting to belong”. They think that because these people have power that they have conscious awareness. But that is not always the case.

I remember, when I worked in Beverly Hills and was running in the “power crowd”, and how these people would try to bribe me in a multitude of ways to do what they wanted. They were so used to getting what they wanted because of throwing money at it, feeling entitled, or the belief that they were special and above others, that they were very surprised when I did not bite the hooks. And when I did not take their offers of a lot of money or outrageous gifts, it shocked them. Weaker souls would always go for the bribe and so you found many powerful people surrounded by “yes” people because those “yes” people wanted to be associated with the “In” crowd and so they would tolerate and put up with terrible behaviors and personal treatment of themselves and others to stay in the presence of that powerful person.

I see this happening again, in a magnified way right now. Take a look at where you actually feel weak and how you connect to others of like mind and want to associate with people who have power in the misguided belief that if you emulate them that they will like you, support you, listen to you, and do the things that your projections and illusions tell you about this person. This is a very misguided belief because people of extreme power got there often by being willful, selfish, arrogant, and demeaning of others.

Now, there are those like the John Ritter’s and Jim Nabors that are not that way but you can really read that pretty fast and very clearly in a moment when you meet them. People who talk incessantly about themselves and what they are going to do are showing you in actions and words who they are.

As a famous phrase says, “If someone shows you who they are believe them.”

If you cannot see that clearly then you also cannot see your own arrogance, selfishness, willfulness, and how you put down others. You project onto others what you cannot see within yourself.

As Carlos Castaneda says, “You are a luminous cocoon. And within that cocoon are emanations that contain your awareness. The emanations that you are aware of are lit up but the emanations that you are unaware of are dark. The only way for them to come fully into your awareness is for them to externalize as people and situations in your world.”

Clearly there are a multitude of emanations externalizing right now for us to take a look at. I have been sitting in meditation, attempting to own and look at my own shadow and how that shadow is externalizing when I had a great experience with another person with whom I have had conflict with in the past. This is an old relationship that has had many evolutions and expressions, many ups and down, many conflicts and resolutions. I had not spoken with them in a while and as I did I noticed that I could not help myself from making a comment that was in actually a small dig. I saw it and even though it was out and you often cannot take it back, I did use that glitch on my mirror to look more deeply at myself. What I saw was resentment. And quite a bit of it. Now this is something that really came up on my radar in 2010 and it is something that I have been working consistently but the intensity of it had died down as I became more aware of it and it therefore had become more and more subtle in its sabotage. It was more cleverly disguised and when I saw it I was very grateful because finding these places where you still hold judgment can be sneaky and hard to find. In that moment I had to own my own clever manipulation of words that allowed my resentment to be expressed in a way that was intended to make a small dig at the other person because of our history and the huge challenges we have faced that have not all been worked out. I could see how I was still trying to make my point and be right about something that was their lifestyle and who they were. I resented how they did their life and in truth I had to own that I was jealous that they had more money and ability to do certain things that I did not. It was a great moment of clarity. It was a great moment for me to see that I also still project and want things that I don’t have.

This is the only way to grow through this catastrophe that is happening right now. If we do not own how our own shadow has contributed to this, we will be in big trouble and we will continue to seesaw between extremes, which will cause much damage to this planet and this world.

Remember, that we are all the same. We all want, desire, and yearn for things and another reality. But this is the reality we live in and this is my reality and the karmic challenges that I agreed to work through. Acceptance is the key to growth and learning how you are still holding resentment for past things, choices, and situations are inevitably still lurking there in the shadows of your own mind.

Are you a soul that feels so powerless that you cling to a powerful person in order to feel okay about yourself? Are you a soul who is willing to admit that you are working on your shadow and understand that the owning of that shadow is the only hope for what is happening now? You have a choice, you always have a choice. This is your life and your karma we are talking about. What is at stake is the very salvation of your soul and the level of karmic debt you are either going to take on or work to release. All choices are perfect. Some souls come in to take a great karmic burdens to show us how deeply our dysfunction actually goes. Blessings to those souls who are choosing to be that reflection and I bow in gratitude for those who are risking everything to be the darkness so I can find the light.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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