November 21, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/22/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/22/16

11/22/16 is the number 6. In challenging moments it is important to not disconnect from the real world and become unaware, numb, and vacant. It is also important to not hold a position of moral superiority, as that is only a reflection of your own disguised selfishness. The number 6 is related to the Lovers Card in the Tarot where you are challenged to find the perfect sense of balance through the recognition of oppositions. Harmony is achieved through building understanding. Only through a clear understanding of right and wrong can you understand how your choices have consequences in the domains of cause and effect. Today, you have an opportunity to learn through the acceptance of your responsibilities and how to be of service to humanity moving forward. The number 6 reminds you to stay in alignment of truth, order, justice, and spiritual balance. This number needs to be channeled positively and constructively because when it is used negatively it becomes highly destructive. The Sun forms a semi-square to Pluto this morning, reaching the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto as these bodies move towards an exact square (the Jupiter-Pluto square perfects on November 24th). You might be feeling pressure to achieve some goals, but you may have either set the bar too high or misjudged the amount of time necessary to reach those lofty goals. Watch for a tendency to try to force matters. Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter this afternoon helps put things into perspective, although it does also encourage reaching beyond your usual boundaries. You are clearer in your thinking and looking for solutions to problems and attempting to reframe situations to the positive side. Your mind is attempting to open to new and different possibilities and by tomorrow when Mercury reaches Saturn, you will have a much better idea where you should specialize and focus your attention.
~Suzanne Wagner~

As someone who has faced as much disappointment as most people, I’ve come to trust not that events will always unfold exactly as I want, but that I will be fine either way.
~Marianne Williamson~

Spirituality and Politics – Marianne Williamson



We are in a time of a great cosmic and karmic awakening in our country. So get prepared to fasten your seat belts and hold on tight because this is going to be one of the biggest rides our country has experienced since the 1940’s. Life is about action. Words are important but the actions you take from words that are spoken even more so. Finding how to make your words and actions move congruently and in alignment with your souls progression towards a more enlightened way of perceiving and acting in the world is essential right now, more essential than ever. On a cosmic growth level your choices and actions are under a microscope. This is a great lesson in presence and moving consciously moment by moment. There is no room for those who have had the luxury in the past of falling asleep and existing in their dream world exclusively. Reality is coming and it is going to be a harsh, hard, bitter pill and that is because that is what it is going to take for some to awaken. In the end it is all good news as the universe has a plan and for some reason it felt the need to speed up this awakening. I am excited to see where this will lead after so many lift the veil from their eyes and finally fully participate in the “real” world because we need everyone’s help to make this leap into a more conscious and loving society.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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