November 22, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/16

11/23/16 is the number 7. The number 7 indicates that there is now a clear line being drawn in the sand. You will have to choose your own particular position and deal with the consequences of that choice. So choose carefully from this moment on because the karmic responsibility is always yours completely. You cannot blame others for your choices. And because we are in such an accelerated time the karmic reciprocity will come quickly not slowly. Mercury and Saturn come together to form a conjunction, which tends to have the effect of forcing a reality into your awareness. You are looking for an answer. But that answer is going to be a lot of work to solve and to find. You want an easy solution but there are no short cuts to break the strangle hold that dark emotions have right now over humanity. There is a desire for tangible results but those will be slow coming as the thickness of the hatred is creating a viscosity that is difficult to move through. There is an increased need for solitude in order to think and to find out what will work in your life right. Expect to receive serious news or advice that challenges the very fabric of your being. It is time to engage in important conversations. We are at the beginning of many new projects that involve communications, such as writing, speaking, reporting, etc., or the commitment to same. There can be a tendency to focus on negative potentials, which can be useful in moderation. Fortunately you will have an increased ability to concentrate and focus. The Moon continues to transit the sign of Virgo until 2:43 PM EST, when it moves into Libra and later forms a sextile with the Sun in Sagittarius, which should help you cooperate with one another. Find the way to successfully share your ideas with each other. It is time to learn how to cultivate peace in a time of critical mass.
~Suzanne Wagner~

It is time to recognize that suffering comes from failed expectations. Learning to ride the wave and recognize that you cannot get off this ride will help in learning to enjoy the journey regardless of where it takes you. It is time to recognize that you are here to be a connector of signals that are coming into this world at this most interesting of times. You are here to listen to those signals and to respond in the way that your body/mind has been programmed at this time to respond. You were built for this moment. Now it is your souls journey to serve this emerging reality in the way that you have been created to express.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Meditation is what we are, not what we do; the separate self is what we do, not what we are.
~Rupert Spira~

Marianne Williamson – Please Watch




I have been trying to be the voice of reason and calmness in this time of crisis and at this point you need to have no doubt, we are in exactly that …. time of crisis. Many of us have not lived through such a time and this type of moment requires great courage in the face of a type of potential oppression and control that no one has seen in their lifetime.

I turn (and bow in honor) to some of the great teachers in our society and notice that regardless of their type of teaching towards love and conscious awareness that even they (out of conscious) have to speak out against what is beginning to happen in our world right now. When great teachers the world over speak out against a pattern of control and oppression make a note in your mind that these who have spent their life working to create a world of peace, acceptance, and love for all cannot be wrong. These teachers have been the voice of the human potential and many of us see such a shocking backslide that we cannot in good conscious be quiet and go passively into the night. In this moment these great voices for humanity and the planet are being excoriated harshly through the media.

In case you do not understand what the word excoriate means, it means; to denounce or berate severely, to flay verbally, to strip or remove the skin from. If there was ever a time that we needed to listen to those wisdom keepers in the world this is that time.

The moment you are tested is the moment you find out what you are made of inside. Now, please know that I do not think that all people who voted a particular way are bad people, because I do not. But what I do know is that what is happening right now is a danger to the very foundation of our society.

I have spoken lovingly and with great consideration for all sides throughout this campaign and I have been attacked because of attempting to be a voice of reason. This tells me that we are not in a time of reason. We are in a time of hatred. Some people feel that all these emotions that they have held inside, they now believe they have the right to speak them. They believe they can use this moment to let the garbage that is in their energy field out so they can have a release of the tension that they have been feeling inside and thus infecting the world and others with their toxicity.

That is not what normal society does. Normal society understands that there are those with different opinions and everyone compromises a little so we can function. What is happening right now breaks down the very functionality of life.

And who does it hurt? It hurts those with less. It hurts the children, the women, the minorities, and those with less voice. America has always stood to be the voice of all. We were supposed to be the place of safety for those looking for a place where there was freedom from oppression. We were supposed to be the place where those who believed and practiced religion differently could have a safe place to practice their religion in safety. Many of your ancestors came here to do just that.

As I have said before, you discover who you are in the face of great darkness. You discover what you really believe and what you are willing to stand up for and what you will not allow to happen in a society that while it was not perfect, it was also the best that this world had ever offered to any country in any time throughout the history of this world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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