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Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/19

11/23/19 is the number 10. Where we are willing to be open is where we are willing to change and grow. Without willingness we will continue to be trapped in the looping patterns of old protection layers. Avoidance never healed anything. Putting things to the side (for a time) is not a bad idea but eventually the universe will ask you to deal with what you have suppressed. There is a way to deal with the past without coming from a place where you are re-traumatizing yourself. The difference is the objective overview and the desire to find insight from upset.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Self-Control is the rule of the day because of the Moon squaring Pluto. Disputes can happen for no reason. If you want to be obstinate things can blow up in your space. Take the time to find out the information that you need to make a good decision. In any situation that arises you need to have discernment and self-control. You may not know how things turn out but you can learn to flow and trust in that direction that is presenting. Know that others are in extreme emotional states. Don’t do things to make it worse. But do things that call people out when they move in a direction that is out of alignment with their true self.

The Moon in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. When the obstacles appear remember to use objectivity and restraint. There are many that are being pulled into melancholy and unhappiness. Know that you are always at choice as to how you respond to any life circumstance.

The Moon in Libra sextiles Venus. Be courteous and kind with those you love. Adapt to the constantly changing circumstances and know that it is best to avoid quarrels unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter bringing a bit of much-needed optimism into a dreary reality. Grab it and let your positive attitude infect those that can only see the darker side of life.

Mercury and Venus form a semi-square and know that people can be very sensitive to your words. Be kind, be clear, and be real.

Decisions might be difficult. You mind cannot seem to decide a course of action. If you don’t know … then don’t go.

Feel past another’s words and feel into their wounds that are causing a random external circumstance to cause them to act out in ways to relieve the inner stress they are experiencing. Egos want to get in the way of growth. Tension continues to mount. Know others are in a highly reactive and agitated state. Pushing is not the best idea.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Are you ready to find
insight from upset?
Are you ready to heal
from past wounding?
There is never a
better time than now.

~Suzanne Wagner~


How do we let nature be nature and not feel threatened by how that nature needs to seek out food and manage to survive? When we destroy natural habitats that can feed certain types of animals we limit their ability to survive and thrive. Everyone and everyone needs space. And many things need certain spaces or large spaces. If you choose to live in areas that are wild, you have to adapt to that nature. You have to understand that many things right now are struggling just to survive. Notice the nature of something. Most animals in nature are not intentionally trying to damage property. They are curious and seeking food. They are not trying to hurt you or your things. Why is it that humans are so reactive and territorial around their stuff? I learned a long time ago from many ways that my way is not necessarily the way of anything else. Humanity needs to see past what we need and into what other forms of life need. If we cannot feel into another thing, then we cannot understand nor learn about another way to be in this world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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