November 23, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/19

11/24/19 is the number 11. How does one expand when so much in the world is contracting. Well, there is one thing expanding…. The wealthy are manipulating the markets to make enormous fortunes and give them even more power over the rest of humanity. That is unless we put a stop to this insanity. And that is what is up at this time. We have to expand our minds and see past the illusions that they present to confuse and keep the rest of humanity and the world confused and down. It is time for the masses to stand up and demand that the goodness that we carry and were raised with in our lives be returned to us as the promised normal. Things have gotten out of control and if they are allowed to continue in this fashion it will tear down what our ancestors spent so much time attempting to build for our security and sanity. We have to take things back and away from those who do not have any interest in helping this world. While they may think that it is us that is being negative, the reality is that the powerful and wealthy have gone too far and instead of milking the poor for more, we are finally in a place that we are going to draw the line. And that puts a crimp in their plans of taking advantage of the rest of the world. That is a good thing.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter highlights todays energy. The transit takes about 2 days in this very social sign of Sagittarius. There is a need to cooperate, forgive, and to be generous with others. Your expectations want to have a glimmer of a possibility. You might want to hide your wallet from yourself so you are not tempted to go overboard on spending for the holidays. While it is important to do something fun. It is always important to learn, share, and explore.

The Moon leaves Libra just two minutes past midnight and goes into the determined and emotionally perceptive sign of Scorpio. Do your best to not create any more emotional issues than is warranted. Don’t let your vindictive side get out of control. Expect to see very serious external situations begin to significantly change your world.

The Moon conjuncts Mars both in Scorpio and can make your short-tempered, irritable, and ostentatious. The inner tension is manifesting externally. Disagreements can be the norm.

The Moon opposes Uranus and can make misguided emotions seem  erratic for others. Mood s fluctuate and cause more problems than solutions. If you do not learn to restrain emotions then tragic situations can develop.

There is a Mars and Uranus opposition which can take outbreaks and disputes to new levels of intensity. Hopefully, you have cultivated temperance in your being so you can navigate the drama without having to be included in it. Watch out for negative patterns that are no longer effective. Be careful around mechanical things. Unpredictability is the way of today. Be prudent and do things with quality and the intention of cultivating purity and wisdom.

With the Moon conjunction Mercury in Scorpio, you are inspired for the sublime. New projects can arise and while you may not know exactly how to do something you will figure it out.
Overall, with the Sun forming a semi-square to Saturn, you may feel as if you are discouraged and have been given a large dose of reality that is bringing you back to earth in a hard and harsh way. It is hard to be grateful when you feel as if you are being forced to take medicine. Don’t waste your energy and time but look for the long term rewards for your actions.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What do you do when you
do not get what you want?
Your actions and choices
say a lot about you.
If you are selfish and wanting
the world to rotate around you,
then you will continue to
be tested again and again.
In life, you do not always
get what you want.
You are here to learn to feel
past your own needs
and into the needs of others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe that nature is the future.
When you take care of it then it can show us the way.
I look at the rust and filth that is the nature of human cities
And has been such for centuries and eons.

We do not know how to take care of this world.
But we do know how to destroy everything in this world.
I believe that we have the capacity to change our nature.
And become fantastic stewards of this planet.
But to do that, many (very big) things have to drastically change.
I worry that we are running out of time.
I worry that we will miss the mark again.
And this third cycle of growth will fall into
the same patterns of destruction that have come before.
The Lemurian Age passed.
The Atlantean Age passed.
And many smaller great ages have passed
just to get us again to this moment in time.
The cycles continue until enough awaken and stand up to hate.
Stand up to the powerful and wealthy.
Stand up for education and compassion.
Stand up for a balanced world where all matter.
I am standing.
I am doing what I can to awaken those that are ready.
I stand with the great teacher and wisdom keeper of this world.
I will stand side by side, arm in arm, soul to soul,
with those that know peace is the only way.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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