November 24, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/25/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/25/16

11/25/16 is the number 9. The number 9 indicates the potential for some sort of completion and the beginning of a resolution. I so hope the power of this particular number 9 cracks open the hearts and souls of many and that those in power begin to feel beyond greed and self and into the greater world in which we all live. Venus aligns with Pluto and forms a square with Jupiter today. There can be tensions in your relationships as you may feel the pressures of your own ambitions and a fear that you may be running out of time to reach certain goals. However, you should consider that you may be overshooting or expecting too much, too soon. This can also be a time when you don’t agree on finances and the basic values with others in your reality. Different beliefs can divide you more if you are not careful. Venus-Pluto stimulates intense feelings. The level of volatility is extremely high and that requires you to take full responsibility for if you are putting more wood on an already alarmingly burning bonfire or attempting to not add more pain and suffering into the mix. Things shouldn’t be forced at this time but there are many that will, even though the desire to sway, coerce, and manipulate others may be extremely high at this moment. There is a tendency to want and demand a lot from a partnership or friendship, which may or may not be able emotionally to fulfill at this time. This is a time when we can be especially focused, and perhaps obsessed with making changes in the things that we feel compelled to interact with. With Jupiter involved, your confidence and belief in what you do and say feels strong, but be careful in how you might over commit or push yourself to exhaustion. The Moon is in Libra all day.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Let us pray and have empathy for the pain that others have felt
that was so strong that they have felt
the need to do and say certain things.
Let us pray for finding thanks in the small changes
that can help move us all more to the center.
Let us pray that mankind and humanity
can learn to respect the differences
and love how we are connected.
The mind makes decisions and choices
but it can only understand from the level
of its own awareness.
You have to learn to love and stay in observance of your emotions.
I know it is difficult to do but right now it is essential
to find our way back to a center that we can all live with.
~Suzanne Wagner~



We are in a time where getting instantly what you want and all of us going back to a time of sleep and non-awareness is no longer possible. Waking up is hard to do. It is painful to see that there is a huge world that does not see the reality as you see it. Being angry is counter-productive. Denying what you are experiencing is also unhealthy. You have to learn to let emotions move through you and only by doing that do you get to the root of your own pain and suffering. What angers you is what and who you have been in other lifetimes. I know that is a bitter pill to swallow but after all the inner work and past life experiences I have had, I have learned that what I judge, I have been in other lifetimes. Because I denied my own anger and the recognition of the poor choices I have made in my past and have not owned in a way that creates compassion and then therefore resolution, I then trigger when I see it happening in my external world now. If I can love others regardless of my perception of their choices and I can see only in myself in them and I can own my own dysfunction, then I can begin to heal and become less angry with others and their choices. After all that is the only way any of us grow. We make choices and we make mistakes, therefore in the future we make more conscious choices and begin to see and recognize the impact of those choices and therefore take responsibility for our own actions.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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