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Astrology/Numerology for 1/13/18

1/13/18 is the number 7. Magic is afoot in the dance of the number 7. This number was considered the esoteric number and the one of mystery schools and the spiritual seekers. Under the assertion of the number 7, humanity seeks to understand the hidden secrets in mathematics and sacred geometry. There is the belief that if you can begin to understand nature and its rhythms and patterns, you can begin to understand God itself. That you cannot truly know something unless you explore the deeper and hidden nature of the motivations of that particular thing. When you judge a lion for eating the gazelle, you do not see the bigger pattern and energy that is the cycles of life and death on this planet and how everything is completely connected. It is the understanding that predictive tools only work if you fully connect to the deeper harmony and rhythm that is life. This is the language of music, song, waves, weather, etc. Each speaks in its own voice with its own message to impart if we are just willing to listen.
There is a mixed tone for the coming weekends astrology. A Sagittarius Moon wants to party or head out into nature. Saturday has mixed results such as those times in a relationship where you can’t decide if you want to be friends or lovers. Approach Saturday without expectations or a rigid agenda, and it will be a more fun day. With the Moon is in Sagittarius you are inclined to seek freedom, movement, and growth. That desire to “get out” and be a bit crazy can be a good thing every once in a while. Venus squares Uranus today, presenting a potential challenge or struggle, so don’t go too crazy out there. You might notice that your values and tastes may clash with others and that can dampen the social connections slightly. Impulsive attractions to both people and material goods can lead you to be attracted to the wrong crowd. In romantic relationships, there can be some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness. So know that you choices might look fun in the moment but not the best in the long run. You may not see eye to eye, and you might be surprised at unexpected events. Today, there is a struggle with freedom versus intimacy issues, so hold off on decision-making with regards to finances, as there is a tendency to act on a whim rather than reason. However, Venus sextiles Chiron, and there is a simultaneous drive for intimacy and sharing. You might begin to see the beauty in human weaknesses and that might just shift some of that judgment off your plate. A semi-square between Mercury and Jupiter, could lead to impatience with routine patterns and tedious mental tasks.

~Suzanne Wagner~




The Unreal never existed
The Real never ceases to exist.

~Deepak Chopra~






What is so amazing to me is that those that spew bigotry and hatred, only hurt themselves the most. Such projection of self-deception is highly toxic to the soul and damages the very DNA that keeps you alive. With only one ounce of awareness, those holding such hate would recognize and be horrified at the terrible toll they were leaving in their soul’s legacy to work out at another time. It is time to teach kindness in schools as part of a societies normal and expected emotional expression. Love and compassion was originally what Christianity was all about but now that spiritual practice has been compromised by the haters and the bigots who needed to see themselves as better than and superior to others. That is such an immature viewpoint with such a narrow scope which then creates such a childish way to live a life. Now many religions have become a club for a bunch of children who refuse to grow up and deal with the real world in ways that serve a compassionate and loving God. These people seem to believe that they are God rather than believe “in a God”. Spiritual practice was designed to help humanity attempt to emulate the best qualities of what you worship and the spiritual principals that you believe in. If you do not choose to practice “unconditional love” to all of life and all things on this planet you are an agent of the dark side of the force.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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