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Numerology/Astrology for 1/14/21

1/14/21 is the number = 11.

Add the 1 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 11.

Today, we encounter another moment of transcendence (the number 11). Another moment to step out of the old reality and into a new one. But that takes effort, focus, intention, and desire. Part of the lesson with this number is to see outside of our normal reality. To see another possibility and another way.
“Choice” becomes the most important word. Because we are always at choice. But no choice is a choice. Denial is a choice. Resistance is a choice. Harming others is a choice. Breaking the law is a choice.

In a world where so many have previously chosen things that are less than healthy, it becomes important for each individual, the choices that they make.
Think outside of the box. Expand past fear. Look at the risks that are necessary in life for you to live with.

This number is associated with Leonardo da Vinci. He was amazing at being a synthesizer of information. He took it all in, analyzed it, looked to see how extraneous pieces would fit together, found a new possibility in that integration, and invented things far beyond their time. Perhaps we should try it his way.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

The Sun aligns with Pluto exactly on Thursday morning. This is a continuation of the New Moon pattern that happened a few days ago. Right now, we would be wise to not challenge others. Because the result is that, right now, many people not backing up. This energy will make others stand their ground and stand in their power more … not less.
This pattern makes for intense moments and direct confrontations. Ambitions are intensified and some will exhibit a bull-headed determination that they are right. People want to feel as if they can take back control over a life that seems nonsensical.
Strong-wills want to be heard and to dominate. But such intensity can manifest as temperamental behavior and poor decision making abilities. Do not leap into the fray. Rushing ahead will manifest as sorrow and more upset. Nothing that anyone wants at this time.

Small things will happen that put us on alert. Improvement comes from acceptance and making choices that help determine positive actions and helping those in need.

Some believe that their paranoia and extreme thinking gives them control. But it is the opposite. Such thoughts were implanted by those wanting control over the minds and actions of others. Never be someone’s puppet.

Mars and Neptune semi-square and that will help take some of the intensity down a notch. A much needed choice. Some old places of confidence waver in the exposure of the holes now seen in the previous patterns and choices. That can be a bit shocking but losing confidence will help gain perspective. All plans can be revised and reviewed. All things can be improved.

But before all that happens, it is good to take a pause and rest before moving ahead.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I care less and less
about egos and opinions,
which in my mind
are the same thing.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What is Astrology?

Astrology is a map. Only a map. It shows the terrain that we are walking upon and the challenges along that particular pathway. What we do with those challenges is the karmic journey that each of us is on. Each person chooses their own path.

In this astrological map that we are on, there are many of us see a mountain ahead.

And some say, “Oh you are being negative.” But all we are saying is that there is a mountain ahead and if we stay on this path, we will have to climb a very treacherous and dangerous slope. We each have a choice. A choice to go the long way around, take the steep and narrow path, or find a middle road. Some may not want to walk and get horses. Others may want to fly over the mountain. And some will get an all terrain vehicle and drive around the base.

And then there are those that want to deny that there is a mountain at all.

Even when everyone can see it right there rising up in our vision.

Others project that I am making “fake news” and that we do not need to go that direction at all. That what we are looking for is in a completely different direction.

Or they choose to just turn around and face another direction and deny that there is a mountain as they walk backwards, blind to the hazards ahead.

Bottom line ….

I choose honesty above all. Because there are powers that project intense distortion and those forces are trying to confuse and conflate everything.

Honesty is uncomfortable. It reveals the self-deception and genetic biases that we were raised with and how we tend to fall into those places and beliefs that make us comfortable.

Astrology always gives choice. It shows the good and the bad. It shows the possible options and ways through the difficulty. It accepts that (in all lives) there are ups and downs, challenges and successes.

We can see those choices in everyone’s chart. Some choose well. Others choose poorly. But that is what the karmic journey is about.

Personally I am the happiest I have been in my life. I have true love, I have safety, I have connection, I have enough of the things that help life work.

I am not wealthy, I am not always perfect. But I am as honest as I can be. And I know that my heart is pure and gives from a place of not needing or wanting approval from others.

Those healers and visionaries that are pure of heart and centered in consciousness and truth know that they are
simply a guide into the subtle energies of this moment. We are here to show options and choices coming up.

Astrology helps to anchor understanding. It gives the mind a way to grasp the more subtle things in life. It shows the variety and nuances and gives a perspective that is inclusive and (hopefully) objective. It allows us to look in doorways other than our own. It allows us to see through other perspectives.

The little I know about astrology shows how much there is to know. The more I know the more amazing it is. That is why certain systems are life-long journeys.
I believe in hope as the glue for the tenuous human potential. I believe in truth at all costs, no matter how painful as long as it restores trust in the spiritual laws that rule this domain.

I care less and less about egos and opinions, which in my mind are the same thing.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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