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Numerology/Astrology for 1/13/21

1/13/21 is the number = 10.

Add the 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10.
Not only is it a 10 (power) and 1 (new beginning) day but it is also a New Moon which symbolizes new beginning. Much is changing …. On many levels … all at once. When so much changes all at once there is a push/pull effect.
Some want change (the number 1) and some want to feel power (the number 10).
That can continue to make things very interesting and somewhat dangerous.
Life has always been about those that want to have power over others and those that do not want change to happen and will fight to keep and maintain the old status quo, regardless of if it is working … or if it is for the greater good.

Change is always a challenge. Those that need to feel “in control” are always the most insecure. For them change is terrifying.
I learned a long time ago that change is necessary and when confronted will often dispel the illusions that the mind creates in order to have all things stay the same.

All life has had to adapt and change. We are no different.
Within the need … humanity has for manifesting security, we also need to embrace change more readily.
When we learn that what we fear is often not real, then the fear of change lessens and the excitement and wonder returns.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

Just as we come into this day the New Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn. It is time to constructively come forward and use wisdom, prudence, and carefully consider how to incorporate only the most positive things into our world and this day.
What can we each practically attain as this process continues to unfold? What is reasonable in such trying times? Each of us needs to be realistic about our future. All this Capricorn demands that we be prepared and manifest serious order and displays of force to protect what are the biggest symbols of our democracy. We are being asked to have our expectations in a reasonable place. When we are prepared we can be freed from worry and chaos.
This Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and that can make the emotions heightened to a delusional and very karmic place. If it feels intense …. Know that you are not wrong.

Mars and Saturn will square in the morning and it has a close connection to the New Moon, giving it more power, passion, and punch. Also not the best for what is about to happen.
I know everyone is tired. I know everyone is feeling a level of fatigue that is shocking. Most feel as if they literally cannot handle one more thing. It seems as if there are endless obstacles to surmount. And at every turn there is another blockage that we need to deal with.
Take some time to slow down and make adjustments. It is time to edit out those things that do not work anymore, including people.
While you have to make some choices and decisions you also cannot push ahead because in doing so you will encounter more resistance. Some things are not quite yet ripe and so you must wait for that moment when the flow shows you that “Now is the time.”
Expect your confidence to dip and feeling a lot of emotional strain that taps your patience until it finally gives way. Perhaps it needs to give way. Perhaps it is time to drastically shift positions. Perhaps it is appropriate to walk away from all forms of dysfunction. This level of change is going to create a lot of endurance. A line was crossed a long time ago but out of kindness you did not push that edge. Now, you don’t care anymore. When there is a level of emotional abuse that you are experiencing …eventually “enough is enough”. We passed that moment months ago. Now … whether others disapprove or not, you don’t care. Humanity needs to learn that there are limits that people will swallow insanity. We are there.
We are headed forward …. Not backward. To make it smoother we may need to adjust our speed and tempo to make it as easy as possible.
Venus trines Uranus. Just know that things will get easier as the day progresses… Slightly.
Watch out! Emotions are in free flow. Stopping them may not be possible.

The Moon goes into Aquarius right around Noon making innovation again the focus. Look ahead. Look to what kind of world you want to live in. Then move towards that possibility.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I am grateful for my life.
I am grateful for all the things I have attempted.
I have not always succeeded.
I am failed in my expectations of what I believed I was supposed to do.
But I never failed in touching hearts and souls.
I never failed in trying.
I never failed in being willing to experience.
I never failed in hoping and believing in a better world.
I will never give up that hope.
Others will come and take the reins of that chariot and take what I have started to a whole new level.
None of us have success alone.
Many came before us to help us have the skills and tools to do what we have done.
Many more will come after us.
We are all pieces in a great puzzle called life.
All cogs in a Universal wheel.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have to admit that yesterday got to me. It just seemed that there was a never-ending level of big issues that just kept compiling.
It was exhausting.
I know that everyone is feeling this stuff.
It is the astrology and how it hits each of us.

Humanity thinks that famous, wealthy, and powerful people are not supposed to have problems. But I find that everyone has levels of frustration that just eventually get to you. In fact, if you stretch and go for dreams, know that you just increased your levels of frustration and upset … exponentially.
You look at your life and you see what you believed you wanted. Compare it to what you got. And then learn to embrace what you have. Reaching for dreams is essential in life to build up the energetic skills to grow and evolve (whether in this lifetime or another) into your most amazing self. But there are those moments when you have to embrace the beauty and security that is right there. Without appreciation … why would the universe give you more?

I see that as the problem, right now, in this world. There are those that do not reflect and see how wondrous and magnificent what they have, right now, is.
If we do not learn to appreciate the now, the universe often will take a pause and not offer up more until we learn to embrace the wonder of this most precious moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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