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Numerology/Astrology for 11/6/18


11/6/18 is the number 10. This number 10/1 says that we are going to begin anew. That might be great news for everyone out there that is sitting on pins and needles about the election. Change is the only answer to a day that has this number. I support all changes that support life and the powerful wellbeing of all. I support compassionate hearts that what to reach out and touch meaningful things in the world. I support expansion and the illumination of the truth. I seek those who want to stand for something other than hatred, bigotry, and fear. I know I am not alone in this and I believe that the election will prove that.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


On Tuesday the 6th, wild-card Uranus moves backwards into Aries until March 6th. The intention of this astrology is to create more freedom and to pioneer a new path in your life. This is the last opportunity to look at the old conflicts that you have been in denial of and to learn how to let things in the past go. I know it is not easy but it is essential for not just yourself but the world. What we hang onto that is old and dead, festers. Creating a toxic world that continues to cause suffering. It is up to each of us to look at the parts of our past that we have pushed aside, brushed away, and hidden that now need to be swept up and thrown in the garbage.

After 7 years in Aries, this is the last cycle of Uranus through that sign for a very long time. Uranus in Aries has been radical, volatile, and pushed you up against some very big edges. I expect it to do that again in a dramatic Aries sort of way over the next few months. It is ironic that it happens on our election day. Regardless of the outcome it is going to create upset and reactions from those that hold hate and project delusion into the world at this time.

Also on Tuesday, the spiritual destiny nodes of the Moon change signs into Cancer and Capricorn. For the next 1 1/2 years, you work on the balance of emotional security and nurturing versus responsibility and boundaries. With Uranus and the nodes changing signs on USA Election Day, it will be interesting to watch for upsets and also if this feminine-based energy of the nodes is good for women candidates. We can cross our fingers and hope.

The heavy planets of Pluto and Saturn continue to transit through Capricorn making there a lot of work to do as we attempt to stabilize ourselves through career, social standing, and our responsibilities. I do believe eventually we will get to a state of better balance.

The Moon is in Libra until 8 am and then it goes into Scorpio and then immediately opposes Uranus. And this planet is about to change signs. Expect to feel on edge and nervous. You are going to be very sensitive to the restrictions and fears of others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Power is of two kinds.

One is obtained by

the fear of punishment

and the other

by acts of love.

Power based on love

is a thousand times

more effective and permanent

then the one derived

from fear of punishment.

~Mahatma Gandhi~



Praying for a Blue Wave

Will the people’s hearts come together?

Will the love be stronger than leather?

Can the glue that binds us to each other,

Call the wave of the Divine Mother?

We live in a time where man is drowning in fear.

We look to places where compassion can adhere.

Life appears as a wild and wooly.

Filled with those that want to bully.

But like the animals I hear from far way.

Something that hate wants to belay.

This wave cannot be stopped because truth must come.

Truth is the energy of the light and the sun.

It is the color of the sky,

bright and blue it will not be denied.

Blue is the color of truth spoken with heart.

Blue is the color of the cosmic restart.

When compassion is your way.

When love illuminates play.

When fears no longer hold.

When lies can no longer scold.

When you reach into the sky for clarity.

When your heart knows only charity.

That blue wave has flowed over your soul.

That blue wave warms the cold.

Deep in a flame that burns bright and hot,

in the center where light is thought.

The light is blue and shines in the dark

That blue wave is the place light starts.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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