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Numerology/Astrology for 11/7/18

11/7/18 is the number 2. This number 2 says that the polarization will continue. Hackles are up and there are those that will contest many aspects of this election. Minds and hearts are in conflict with what is happening in the external world. Today, the mind wants to argue and make excuses as to what is happening. Hearts want to celebrate but are being held back because of circumstances. There are questions everywhere attempting to make sense out of events. Speculation explodes, as everyone is going to have an opinion. Do your best to observe and to not engage. Remember, cool heads always have the control.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The New Moon is in Scorpio today and this would be a good day for a ritual to channel important things that you feel need some extra juice into the future. This New Moon is at the middle degree of Scorpio. And this is considered to be very powerful since it is halfway between fall equinox and winter solstice. This is the moon where you go down to your emotional depths to get in touch with the place within you that feels vulnerable. Think of Scorpio issues such as sex, death, taxes and fear of being a bag lady or homeless person. You go to an intense place within you to remember what is important in your life and this world. Because the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon just moved into Cancer and Capricorn on the 6th, issues of home, family, nutrition, security and seeking emotional support are important topics now and for the next 1 1/2 year. Hopefully this softer feminine energy will tone down the rude behavior of so many people reacting to their fears. For now, decide what is your responsibility, and what is not- and that requires you to take a fresh look at your boundaries. As if that isn’t enough to activate you, expansive Jupiter is in the last degree of Scorpio, having been in this below-the-surface sign since October 2017. Planets in the last degree of a sign ask you to bring something to completion and let go. There is a reward for doing this because this generous planet moves into optimistic Sagittarius on the 8th for the coming year. It’s time to take a risk on adventure! This day will bring more passion and focused perception into many things. It will help kindle your resourceful side and bring deeper meaning into your life. But do notice the things that make you feel out of control. Be more cautious around addictions and be extra attentive to where your emotions still feel heavy. It is time to let things go and not carry them forward any more. This is the day to put down the stories that have been eating at you. And it is the day when you notice what is still hanging on.

Once you have done that, today will be an opportunity to explore what is missing in your life. Notice the self-destructive behaviors that inhibit your deeper connection to others. Forgive yourself for getting distracted but reclaim your life with a new sense of meaning and purpose.

It is time to let the fears of caring about what others think go. There is a doorway to a profound psychological healing today. Use it well.

The New Moon harmonizes with Neptune and Pluto heightening your intuition and perception. Let that energy grow and evolve. There is something that is trying to get your attention.

Jupiter and Uranus are moving towards a quincunx that will be exact tomorrow. Jupiter is at the very end of its tour through Scorpio and hours before moving into Sagittarius. Thus, impulses are strong but do not rush into things. Making big choices and decisions are not advised. I know you want to feel better, but the universe has its own timing. You are going to be making some big changes and while you may not know what they are and cannot conceive of what is around the corner, the bursts of rebelliousness are very real and can be very destructive. Those not in touch with their deeper self can be destructive to others. Know that this is a time to avoid those big decisions until this chaotic energy clears and you can see your path ahead. ~Suzanne Wagner~


A good head and a good heart
are always a formidable combination.

~Nelson Mandela~

Neither the chains of dictatorship
nor the fetters of oppression
can keep down the forces
of freedom for long.
~Angela Merkel~



What have we learned?
That freedoms matter.
Why have we gone through this?
Because complacency is the marker that opens the doorways to tyranny.
But have we woken up?
That is yet to be seen.
But we have taken a step.
And that step is a crucial step towards challenging this present established situation and bringing sanity back into our world.
What we have lost is tremendous.
We have lost respect in the world.
We have lost our position as a world leader.
We have lost financially.
We have lost our honor.
Those things can be recovered but they can never go back to the old pattern.
Because the moment we stepped down, China stepped in.
Now, in the world where we pulled out, they stepped in.
And no one will ever, easily let go of power unless that country has become controlled by a megalomaniac.
Yes, the loss is tremendous.
But now what are we going to do?
There is no time to wallow in the “what ifs”.
The world is in jeopardy and there is so much to do, and a clock is ticking.
But now we have given ourselves a small bridge to begin to rebuild.
We will never be the same but perhaps that is a good thing.
It is time to bring that innovative energy that is America and make something that only the diversity and ingenuity of our country could create.
I send out a call to those with the ideas and energy to help us save this world.
It is time to save our land, trees, water, animals, etc.
It is time for America to lead the way to a world where all can find a way to live fully and healthfully.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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