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Numerology/Astrology for 1/17/19

1/17/19 is the number 3. There is joy and optimism if you are willing to let the inspiration move you past blocks and into your creative self. That creative self is not your normal human self. The human drama will continue no matter what you do. Therefore all you can do is find your personal intuitive self and your magic. Magic is not often what you think it is. It is often manifest in the small things that you do that shift the patterns of energy out of density and into hope. You have control over bring hope into each moment. You have the ability to share love in through, word, action, and deed. The number 3 is a triangle and triangles are always a positive energy. Bring in the color yellow into your world. Yellow flowers bring hope and help dissipate heavy energy. Take action and clear out the old and bring in the new. Simplify, sort, and let go of all the clutter and things that do not really give you joy. When you clear space you create permission for the universe to fill you up with what is more appropriate for you at this time. Let go and know that to create the world you want you have to let go of the world you are presently in. We can create a new, wonderful, loving, inclusive world. It will take work. Bridges have been burnt down. So it is time for some new ways to cross from one position to another.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Gemini and your curiosity might get the better of you. You might wander around in your mind more than usual.

The Moon is opposite Venus and later today Jupiter. This is going to make you feel restless and there is almost a desire to fire up and go too far. While you are not going to be bored you may be challenged to move out of what has been your old world and into a place of satisfaction. Just be careful what you ask for or what you want.

There is nourishment in letting go and casting caution to the wind. Letting out the wild side of you soul is always good to let your wings expand and fly a little. Again, everything is intention. Move this wild energy into ways that also can nurture and support others. Remember, what you want and crave needs to be in harmony with all of life not just your ego.

Venus and Mars are moving into a trine and that creates a bit of healthy creative competition. Timing with others seems magical and business, as well as, artistic ventures can thrive if you give them some of that directed juice.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Goodness is about doing what is right
even if you never see the fruits of the labor.
Kindness is doing something
without thought for yourself.
You do it because the needs of another
are more important than your own.
It is time to create a world filled with caring
rather than a world of selfish, narcissistic people.
Doing only for yourself will not give you
spiritual points that help you evolve.
What you must eventually learn is to awaken
from that childish place of wanting things your way.
You shift levels of consciousness only in
selfless giving to those in need.
You cannot take all this acquisition with you.
You can only take what you have given to others.
~Suzanne Wagner~





Magic grows when kindness leads
The huge heart of nature grows the leaves.
If you want to be great, you must move with love.
You cannot let the fear push and shove.
We are in the ages of darkness past.
The hate that grew when kindness past.
It must be cultivated with care and love
As fragile as the song of a mourning dove.
The loss of life is the loss of hope.
All are here to help you broaden your scope.
There is more when you open your heart
Past the fear that can never restart.
Fear and love exist in different domains.
Two sides of a coin touching two different planes.
You are the bridge and your heart is the key.
Only compassion can bridge fears needs.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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