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Numerology/Astrology for 1/18/19

1/18/19 is the number 4. Practical Magic is the best idea today. Slow down, find the places you need to rest. Take some time for yourself. Know that unpleasant tasks are there to help you find joy even in the smallest of things. Find the “home” within your core. It is a day to find what and where you want to put your energy and resources. Stay practical. Stay connected to your highest self. The number 4 is about the foundation upon which you base your life. Sometimes you have to persevere under challenging circumstance. I know that this continues to be some “Never Ending Story”, but you have to rely on the Pillars of your own Morals and Values. Stubbornness no longer serves. Defensive attitudes also work against the bigger goals and values that our society needs to move back towards. Holding positions that serve self over others are finally going out of style. Shift into a place that you can hold and defend with compassion, clarity, and truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Friday morning is especially good for communicating in your relationships. At the end of the day Friday, you might want to be left alone or just get away from those that are irritating you.

Moon is in Gemini until you go to sleep and it goes into Cancer. So tomorrow you will get into a mood of wanting to plan a great, homey weekend.

The Sun squares Uranus and sextile Chiron today. You may feel tense and while you want to do what is right and achieve your goals, what has been important is to expression your individuality and your authentic self. Hence the tension. Which do you focus on? Habits die hard and so your ego wants to keep establishing and reinforcing the old positions, slowly your authentic self cares more to disrupt patterns that no longer serve you.

It is clear that it is not about reinforcing old ego patterns but a deeper need to change and seek out new approaches. For that you need your creative self to find ways to navigate the chaotic energy that keeps being counterproductive.

While the desire for dramatic change is strong. That approach is not going to be productive because of existing and continued subtle resistance. Whims are not going to pan out. But slow, small, patterns that incrementally move will get you to where you want eventually. The slower pattern is going to help your intuitive and creative self come up and really contribute. Egos need to move fast. Intuitive knowing has patience. So let yourself take time.

There is a Sun-Chiron connection that allows your desire to learn new things and grow through your experience.

There is a Venus-Mars trine in the fire signs pushes you to find what you want and what inspires you. It might be time to start that very new unique idea.

A Mercury-Pluto alignment is uncovering new and valuable information. It is helpful to find the hidden meanings in small actions in your life. Listen to that subtle voice and you might be able to notice thoughts behinds obsessive behaviors. Often repetitive patterns are based on past life beliefs that continue to repeat for no apparent reason. Stop and listen to those voices. Notice that your cognitive mind does not believe them but they continue to haunt you. It is time to get to the bottom of such beliefs and behaviors.

It is time to choose your life over letting voices from the past control you and continue to cause suffering and upsets.
~Suzanne Wagner~



That voice in your head may not be your own.
Dark things lurk in the shadows.
They play on our fears and insecurities.
It is up to you to distinguish
between the darkened fears and the light.
It is up to you to step out of the shadows
that follow your self-doubt.
It is up to you to hear the call
of your highest self over
the whispers that want
to keep you down and ineffective.
~Suzanne Wagner~






A huge storm came in yesterday evening and today it is still storming. Just less at the moment. I am at the coast watching the huge swells come in now. 70 mile per hour winds took down trees and electrical lines (according to the news). I am grateful that things are relatively good here but the driving yesterday into the Bay area to do sessions was really tricky. I left early to deal with the storm coming in, but I still had to deal with torrential rain and wind. Everyone was going only about 55 miles per hour on the freeways. Which was great. Everyone could feel the winds buffeting them around and the hydroplaning.
I personally love storms. I feel the power of them clearing out all the crap that builds up in bodies. Their energy pushes out all that no longer serves.
The rain softens the mind. And I love standing in the blinding force of pelting rain. It is like an acupressure session on your body.
I use the weather patterns to help me learn to gracefully shift with what is. The weather does not apologize for doing what it does. It just does what is will in response to the patterns that are created in the world. Often as humans we forget to do that. It is important to learn this lesson and know that nature is our teacher. We must learn to flow and accept what is. We must learn to deal with what is in the here and now rather than play the games of avoidance and denial. That last game has been obviously very popular in the recent past. But that denial and avoidance patter is finally cracking and tearing itself down with its own destructive energy. As is the rule of such things. Destruction clears space to create new life. What is the new life you want to create from the past and present storms? What is finally clearing away so that you can have what you have always known was possible?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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