January 17, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 1/18/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/18/15

Another of my favorite quotes is; “Life is a fine balance between holding on and letting go.” Well today is the number 9 and so it is the letting go day. When you let go of things in the past that block you, then you give yourself the gift of freedom. When you allow love and possibility to be the guiding principals of your life then you have faith and belief that the future holds more energy than what is in the past. I know it is difficult for those of us who have had real trauma to rewire our brains because it is our experiences that have literally shaped out mind, how it thinks, and the dendrites that make up our personality. But you are not this personality. You are an infinite being of light having an incarnation and an experience. Who would you be if you let the personality go? Who is under it all? It is time to be complete with the patterns that are perhaps running your life and allow your essence to bring the wisdom learned from the past into your consciousness but perhaps let the story you are telling yourself about it go. I want you to let some of those wild impulses out, release the control pattern you have been attempting to hold and instead just see what the universe has in store for you instead. It might feel selfish at first but when you give your body what it needs to expand you will find instead a generous, trusting, and optimistic self instead. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius at 7:05 AM EST, when it enters Capricorn, turning your emotional focus to your performance, goals, and ability to meet responsibilities head on. You will want to find the value and demonstrate efficiency and consistency with this Moon position. The earthiness of Capricorn draws heavily upon common sense when making decisions. This afternoon, the Moon sextiles Mars and then Neptune as Mars and Neptune approach alignment. It will be exact tomorrow evening. While the Moon in Capricorn can be very practical in orientation, its connection with Mars and Neptune in Pisces today encourages imagination and intuition as well.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When you are ready, Life will know……You don’t have to sit around saying to the Universe “I’m ready! I’m ready!” Because sometimes when you think you’re ready, you’re not. And sometimes when you think you’re not ready, you are. Life knows you energetically, it doesn’t care what you say. When you’re truly ready, it will know.



One of my teachers told me that if you do not have something in your life it is because some part of you still does not believe that you deserve it. At this point I know that is a very true statement. As much as our mind and ego want to be ready often we are not as ready as our mind wants to believe. When you recognize that statement as a truth then you will finally be ready to actively go looking for the part of yourself that is hiding in the shadows of your subconscious and you will want to learn to love that part that is afraid and sabotaging your movement forward. I know with myself that I have had a life (because of genetics that I actively chose and Karma from other lives) that is about learning to deal with fear. Now many of you know me and you would think that I do not look afraid, right? Well that is the point. We often project the opposite of what we are hiding from within. That is why you never believe what someone’s persona is showing you. Always look behind and underneath a behavior. The stronger the external behavior is and the more energy they put into that personality the less true it actually is. Life is about learning to see what is not seen. To look at what you are not being shown. In working with powerful people I have learned that stars are created not necessarily born. Yes, you would have to have a chart that gives you the magnetism and charisma that attracts energy and attention and you have to work at gaining the skills of acting but there is also a careful construction of a stars persona. Look at Marilyn Monroe. That is why we are still so fascinated with her. Her persona managed to also give us a hint at the deep insecurity and vulnerability inside. Amazingly it is that vulnerability that attracts us the most. That subtle hint was the hook because it allowed us to feel that place within ourself but to also give us permission to be powerful and beautiful all at the same time. Today ask yourself the question, “Are you ready to show the vulnerable, real you?” There is nothing more wonderful than to actively choose to let some of that ego go and discover the power you will project when you give your authentic self some time to be seen and recognized.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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