January 18, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/19/15

Well today is the number 10. On your mark…Get set…Go! Yes, here we are again in the number 10/1 day. It is time to go for it and leap into the space of your dreams. Tomorrow morning (because of the phase of the Moon) it is going to be time to let go of the old like a deeply needed exhale. You cannot pick up all the new energy being offered if you keep hanging on to so much in the past. Trust that there will be something new offered if you are willing to release and let go. Powerful people accept the past but do not constantly go back to it in some neurotic way in an attempt to change history. The past is the past. Learn from it, accept it, and make the necessary adjustments in the future. Experiences are meant for us to learn something from. They are not there to torture us for the rest of our lives. What happens is that if you do not understand the lesson you will keep playing it out in your mind over and over again. If that is the case, the new beginning is about taking the time to dive deep into the pattern and choose to finally figure out the meaning for yourself so that you can move on. It is time to bring peace to yourself. Venus opposes Jupiter this morning, and your appetite for pleasure, love, or material things is big but you may tend to overdo it so be careful. Inflated expectations and the tendency to overstate your affections are things to watch out for. You may overvalue something (or someone), perhaps in order to feel more important, special, or to feel bigger than life. You will feel sociable, in the mood to party, dramatic, extravagant, and inclined to overindulge as a result of this inner discontent and desire for more from life than the ordinary. Mars and Neptune align in the sign of Pisces today. Your impulses and desires may be confusing, peculiar, hard to explain, or difficult to understand now. Not content with your regular routines, you tend to crave more drama, glamor, or meaning. Concentration on practical concerns and affairs may be lacking. You act on your intuition now, fantasies are strong, you want to strive towards all that is boundless, and your creative impulses are potent. Inspiration can be found now. Creative pursuits that involve physical movement are highly favored and could provide wonderful outlets for excess, undirected energy. There can be much building inside us, but you may not yet know where you want it to take you or how to get there. There is a strong need to release pressure and tension. You may actively seek out inspiration. This influence favors dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment. The Moon is Balsamic with a New Moon occurring tomorrow morning. It’s best to release, let go, and reflect than to forge ahead with new plans.
~Suzanne Wagner~



The truth you believe and cling to, makes you unavailable to hear anything new.

~Pema Chodron~


The story is just what you told yourself so that you could make sense out of something in the past that was difficult to understand. It may be the truth your ego told you but there are always other truths and perspectives. Choose to open to another viewpoint and allow your world to expand by stepping out of your narrow world and allow for other options. This does not damage you at all, it actually allows for a new level of compassion and understanding to emerge.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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