Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/2020 – Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/20

12/1/20 is the number = 8

Add the 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 8.

As the numbers turn it is always interesting to me that we back up at times in order to review and reflect. Just like the planets as they move forwards and appear to move backwards in the sky. Yesterday we were rounding the bend in a completion day with the number 9. And now today things are all stirred up again. Emotions run high and there are issues that get triggered and pull us into our unresolved patterns in order to get us to look at them again and reflect. When things keep arising and repeating … it is an indication that we are still not yet resolved around an issue. There are so many layers to finding out all the subtle nuances that surround patterns within our reality. That is why I believe that we have lifetimes to work some very complex issues out. I am always amazed that when I believe that I am done and feel clearly resolved with something … only later do I find that something very similar surfaces again and again in a myriad of forms.
I constantly am reminded that completion is neutral and today may be a day that we feel anything but neutral. Instead of contracting … again, why not really take a deep dive into why something keeps coming up and get into where we need to take responsibility for our past, be more present with this moment, and make a radically different choice for our future self?

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  


The Moon is still in the curious sign of Gemini until bedtime tonight when it goes into Cancer. Tomorrow will be a more intimate and cozy day. But in the meantime, keep things slow and resist the temptation to leap into something new.
Mercury is also going into Adventurous Sagittarius and it will be there through December 20th. We may feel as if we need to question some things. And that might be right. We may get that niggling feeling that there is information out there that is being held back or confusing. This astrology wants to seek the truth. It needs answers. And most of those answers are difficult if not impossible to fully know. We seek the answers that most often validate our prejudices. What a different world it would be if we sought the truth rather than to seek to be right. And that would be a brave way to live a life.
Today, integrate a more precise mental perspective. Look honestly at what is right in front of us with objective rather than biased eyes. There is a moment today when curiosity can connect to truth. From that place, much can be revealed.

~Suzanne Wagner~



We can learn. We can grow.
We can move beyond what our mind intends to know.
We can find that answers we seek.
Finding truth does not make us weak.
It is time to uncover all the truth.
Those that we could not handle in our youth.
It may be hard to live with what we uncover.
But it would be a sin to not … our real history recover.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The journey of every woman through maze of hormones, aging, youthfulness, and health is one that is deeply personal.
I have a body that has been (to say the least) intensely challenging on a multitude of levels.
I do not plan to enlighten you on the litany of evolutionary levels that I have worked through because I believe each person is given an agreed upon body to work with in this life and those physical challenges are an essential part of our growth that help us develop deep compassion.
This personal journey has made me recognize that each person’s body is a unique tapestry of past life issues, present life DNA, emotional patterns of withhold, physical endowments, mental patterns of control and perception, physical sensitivities, emotional proclivities, and spiritual agendas.

What I do know is that not one persona is like another and what works for some may not work for everyone. What I know is that often to get to the root of a problem you have to be willing to try many various patterns of healing and awakening. And what I know is that the body is a huge key in the success or failure of your awareness and evolution in this lifetime.

I have spent a fortune on learning, caring for, and listening to what my body needs. Not because I wanted to but because I had no choice. Ignoring my body was never on the agenda of this life.

It started as a ballet dancer where your body is your temple and if you do not treat it as such you break down and end up not being able to dance.
Now I know that many dancers did … and still do abuse their body, and perhaps they picked a much stronger one than I. But they will eventually have to address the care or lack of care they gave their body at some point in time.

As I have spoken before my present place of inner and outer work has been getting 3 hours of Structural Integration done every two weeks. It has been awesome!

I feel that so much toxic stress I have been holding is peeling away and even the hormonal imbalances that I have been dealing with my whole life have also leveled out in a way that I did not anticipate.

It is as if the deep body work is purging layers of hormonal distress away and I find my habits of self care are no longer necessary. I feel not hungry. I know that sounds strange but I know that chemicals in the brain trigger us to be hungry and anxiety within the body makes you go into a Citric Acid cycle which makes us crave foods. Somehow, by allowing the deep fascial work to move through the emotional distress in my body, I am finding a very new (and yet familiar) balance. I feel as if I am coming back to myself. Something that I am sure everyone wants. While I do not have all the answers I do know that they can be found if you are willing and if you will listen to what your body is trying to tell you. This journey has taken me 60 years. I am sure it will take me longer than this life. But significant progress has been made in this life and that … for now …. is enough.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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