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Numerology/Astrology for 12/2/20

12/2/20 is the number = 9

Add the 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 9.
Where there is perspective and awareness that is where you will find growth. You cannot grow if you do not have an awareness of where you are feeling restricted or limited. You are only limited in your mind. But minds can pretend that you have no options and make that believable. Always remember that it is not. While mastery takes copious amounts of time and effort, you can learn and grow through effort and determination. It is those two qualities that make the difference between success and failure. Many have talent but do not have the determination to carry something through to completion (the number 9). That is why follow-through is essential. You have to try and try again. Through failures, through frustrations, and through life’s emotional upsets. That is because out of trying times often comes the more emotionally complex and interesting pieces of truth. And truth arises through the patterns of art (the number 9).

In life, we rarely take the time to just allow quiet and peace to seep in and show us what wants to arise from our deepest self. Today, take some time for you. Let the quiet speak volumes and inspire you towards your next level of expression.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

December begins with the two weeks between eclipses. I often describe it as a very emotional time and that you feel like you are on a boat being pushed by the waves from one cliff to the other cliff. It can feel like a washing machine, being churned and forced to let deep emotions go. It is the perfect time to look deeper into your emotional and spiritual past. And also a time where your future is a potential right in front of you that is enticing you to leap into the unknown.

Chatty Mercury moves into optimistic Sagittarius December 1-20, opening up conversations that have needed to be had. Expect it to be very revealing.

Venus also travels into Sagittarius December 15-January 8. This is a perfect energy to open to higher philosophical understanding. Do something special to those that have had an extra tough year. This aspect makes people want to travel and I know we are still on Covid quarantine but dreaming never hurt anyone. Perhaps plan out a very special dream trip and start tucking money away for that possibility.

The Moon is in nurturing Cancer Tuesday evening. It is a great time to spend with those you love the most. Connection, safety and being with those that know you the best is on the menu.

Just let yourself explore and discover.

Saturn may give you a small correction. It is good. Don’t worry. Wisdom awaits past the reflection of who you used to be.

These moments feel more essential than normal. And perhaps they are and that is the point. Sacrifices are made all the time for moments such as these. But they do mean something. That extra effort shifts the focus off of self and into the great place of “What can I give to others” rather than “What can I give to myself.”

The Sun-Jupiter semi-square helps you handle what-ever comes your way today. You might need slight pauses and define your boundary more at times but that also is a good thing to learn in the long run. Be kind with yourself and gentle with others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Let the quiet speak volumes
and inspire you towards
your next level of expression.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Sometimes I just love that my intuition and guidance compels me to leap at certain moments.
This moment in my life is definitely a perfect moment.
I surprised my sister showing up spontaneously. “Shocked” is perhaps a better word.
She has been on the front lines of Covid since March and it has been a horrific year of watching people die as her employment requires her to work the Covid Clinic twice each week. And with the pressure and stress, death, and emotional toll it takes for all these healthcare workers, I believe they deserve so much more credit and respect than they have been given up to this point.

So, I danced over to her with balloons, cut out snowflakes, homemade clam chowder, homemade cherry pie (her favorite), and presents. We sat on the front porch 7 feet from each other with masks and blankets and talked for two hours in the freezing cold of Spokane after a snowstorm.
We talked about real things. Real challenges. Our childhood, good and bad. And reached deeply into each other’s hearts to nurture, appreciate and understand.
And that is what a birthday should be about.
Connection, truth, love, and authenticity.
May each of you have such a moment with the important people in your world. Time is precious and none of us really know how long we have here on this spinning ball called earth.
Move when you feel the impulse.
Act on those feelings.
Be silly.
Be slightly crazy and do what is unexpected.
You might remember and bring home important pieces of who you really are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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