December 17, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 12/18/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/18/16

12/18/16 is the number 3. The negative side of the number 3 is indifference. World wide right now that indifference is causing so much suffering. Aleppo is just one example of what happens when we do not immediately and directly deal with those in power that are out for their own aims and ignore the human suffering and cost. Perhaps this level of global suffering is what will wake up humanity to a new level of compassion. Perhaps it is a world enveloped in tragedy and pain that with finally awaken all to demand a world of peace and usher in a new period where we all learn to work together. The Tarot card of the number 3 is the Empress. And she represents nurturing and life giving energies that support the well-being of all. Each of us is capable of deep love and profound emotional sharing but right now so many are holding their emotions tight, creating a world of restriction and fear over the service that each of you could be to humanity in either your immediate circle and family or in a bigger way that serves the greater and bigger issues of the planet right now. The number 3 can make you feel at times a bit manic/depressive. Just know that to compensate for the negative of the number 3, do not exaggerate the positive because then it comes across as shallow and trite. Find the authentic joy and express that. Find the authentic sadness and also express that. The only way the world is going to find its way through this global pattern of suffering is if everyone is very responsible and real with what they are feeling. What you feel is what you need to release. What you feel is what is your next step in going forward towards your own awakening. But the levels of unhappiness are strong right now and as a group we cannot ignore those who are feeling pain. We need to learn to listen to them and attempt to understand then and therefore ourselves to a new level of real depth and truth. Today, use the number 3 to integrate your body, soul, and spirit in a way that will allow a fresh and new way of love to move through your body. No it will not look as it has looked before. No you cannot go back to the old ways of shallowness. But if you do, that is okay but understand that your heart will not reach those you might be attempting to connect with. What the world needs is a deeper commitment to compassion than ever before. You can do it. But notice if your words or actions are based on arrogance, conceit or recognition of your need to be right. The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 12:52 PM EST, and you choose to seek outlets for expressing our affection and creativity. The Moon’s trine to the Sun this morning promotes cooperation and confidence. You are choosing to be especially honorable, idealistic, and loyal now. The Moon opposes Mars just before it leaves Leo and enters Virgo, however, and with Mars moving through the last degree of the sign of Aquarius, you should be particularly concerned about impulsive decisions and actions. Additionally, with Mercury turning retrograde tomorrow, know that you do not know all the facts. The Moon in Virgo from 12:52 PM EST forward is more considered and practical energy, but it’s best to observe rather than jump to conclusions or into action.
~Suzanne Wagner~



And it has been one hell of a year. I have worn the seasons under my sleeves, on my thighs, running down my cheeks. This is what surviving looks like, my dear.
~Michelle K.~



I have spoken with many great light workers, and this time on the planet is challenging for all of us as we attempt to hold a positive slant to an impossibly negative time on this earth. Now, we know that there are many good things still happening on the planet but with the media and all the terrible things happening in the world where governments do not do what they can to support the people and those suffering is a level of global atrocity that is unmatched in any time expect WWI and WWII. There is no positive slant that is possible when people are being targeted and hurt except to wake others up to stand up and stand for life, nature, and humanity. What is remarkable is how global it is rather than just isolated to pockets. There is an illness and a disease that is like a cancer that is attempting to take over the organism of this beautiful planet. While we cannot turn a blind eye and just spout La-La in a shallow attempt to seem to grasp at the positive when so much terrible stuff is happening. It is a delicate balance to find what is good in the world and good in your life and family and then hold it close to you. This is a moment when denying the darkness that is so obvious is not healthy either. Each person is going to have to dive deep inside to find out why you are here and what this time is reflecting to you personally. There is a karmic awakening that can come of these terrible events but you have to own them and take the lessons in personally and not just sit back and be in the illusions and delusions that Neptune in Pisces is attempting to create. The impact of Neptune is about having the wool pulled over your eyes and not seeing past what you are being fed by some of the slanted external sources and taking the responsibility to become more informed than you have ever been. The Saturn in Sagittarius is all about education and while I did not think that this pattern was going to make us do this type or level of education, it is clearly what is being indicated at this time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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