December 20, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/21/15
December 21st is the number 5. And the numerology as well as the astrology points to the body and indulging energy that is the holidays. Yes, it is okay to you’re your favorite cookies. Yes, it is okay to give yourself that special gift that you found. It is always important to do things in moderation but the holidays and the number 5 are all about being her now, in the body. It is a time of food, wine, sweets, connection, laughter, presents, company, cooking together, and helping others. This year bring someone who is alone this holiday to your home and help him or her find the feeling of family also. Reach out with a helping hand, as you never know when you might need one at a later time. Here we are at the Winter Solstice. Yes, it is the darkest time of the year and the perfect moment for inward reflection. You are being asked to look inward and gather up the strength from the deepest places of your being. Just as the tress pull down into their roots to find the sustenance to get through dark times, so do all of us reach downward into the placed of stillness to find our reservoir of energy to move through these times. Sometimes you have to build up a charge of energy and then explode that energy out into the world at a later time. With the Moon in Taurus all day, you will want to indulge in the party season as you discover that you have a need to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life–eating, drinking, and listening to music. A sextile between Mercury and Chiron today is subtle but enhancing energy for communications. It’s a good time to speak of matters that are important to you at this time in your life. There is a serious conversation that needs to happen and this aspect gives you the courage to have that conversation now rather than later. You will feel more sensitive than usual and more willing to listen. Getting your point across is easier, as it’s not only about which words you choose to communicate; you intuitively express the meaning and intention behind the words. You can effectively use words to heal and comfort others so be kind and help those that show up in your life in that way. You are also quite open to new ways of looking at problems or at life in general, and from learning from one another. The Sun enters Capricorn late today, where it will transit until January 20the. You are motivated by feelings of responsibility, ambition, and respect for law and order under this influence. Capricorn derives much satisfaction from completion and accomplishment. Standards, structures, and an appreciation for order are Capricorn themes. Capricorn wants tangible results, knows what is feasible and what is not, and is most comfortable working within an established framework and known boundaries or limits. Working towards a long-term goal is most satisfying with this influence.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Quote from “A Christmas Carol”
Jacob Marley: In life, my spirit never rose beyond the limits of our money-changing holes! Now I am doomed to wander without rest or peace, incessant torture and remorse!
Ebenezer: But it was only that you were a good man of business, Jacob!
Jacob Marley: BUSINESS? Mankind was my business! Their common welfare was my business! And it is at this time of the rolling year that I suffer most!

This holiday season, have you risen above your money? Have you used your money to help others in foreign countries? Have you given back in any way? At the very least buy products from places like the “Fair Trade” company where the money goes back directly to those in 3rd world countries trying to make a living. It is the small things that you do that make the difference in big ways. Do what you can to make the power of your money to manifest joy and abundance for others. There are so many ways to give from your heart. Create a pattern of forgiveness and reconnect to those in your life that have drifted off because of various circumstances. Let those that have touched your heart know that they did make a difference in your life and that them molded and shaped you into who you are today. Celebrate your life by seeing and connecting to others who are not feeling so fortunate. Let this dark time of the year bring out the best in you and let that love you give to brighten the stars in your personal sky.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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