December 21, 2015




Osho Zen Tarot: Fool, Going with the Flow
Medicine Cards: Buffalo, Ant
Mayan Oracle: Polarity, Portal of Transcendence, Cauac
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Swords, King of Wands
Aleister Crowley Deck: Oppression, Princess of Swords, Swiftness
Healing Earth Tarot: 5 of Shields, 3 of Wands, 5 of Crystals
Words of Truth: Beginning, Peace, Evolution

What a wild ride 2015 has been. Here we are at a new place, space, and time and never has it been more important to surrender into the bigger energy surrounding you and to go with the flow. Yes, everything and I mean everything seems in a very different place. Confusion is beginning to become clearer as the choices made in the middle of December finally feel as if you are moving on a somewhat more defined track. Don’t forget that the Saturn square Neptune is going to hit two more times in 2016, June 17 and September 6. So that unraveling you felt over the Thanksgiving holiday is going to expand your world once again later on this year.

As it is January I want to stand in the place of gratitude for what we have and how far we have expanded in these intense times. Many of you had certain perspectives and now those viewpoints have shifted in enormous ways for you. Letting go of old patterns is never fun. Looking directly in the eyes of your prejudices and outmoded ways of thinking is never pleasant. But you have done it and you are in a place of seeing your way through to a new perspective and living your life from a place that you own rather than the pattern trapping and owing you.

Uranus is moving forward at a rapid pace and over the next few months it will finally move out of the pattern with Pluto that has been causing so many things to feel stuck. In fact, January is going to make you feel like there are finally outcomes that you have been trying for over a year to manifest.

There is still a feeling like chaos has the upper hand but you are in the storm of Neptune and its relationship to Saturn so keep surrendering to the flow and when you are not clear of where to move then don’t move. Because the clarity will come for each of you in the proper time so let the energy of Cauac teach you a thing or two about the power and potential of the Thunderbeings. As I was writing this article there were two owls that flew past my window and owl is one of the archetypes of Cauac (a Mayan Symbol of Transformation). Yes, you feel in the dark and yes, there are many things that are unknown but do not allow that uncertainty to pull you into despair or allow you to fall into the illusion that you are separate from source. You are being put through a process that is designed to allow you to shed the shell of your former existence. When this pattern is done you will understand why you did not understand where you were headed until the magic of the pattern reveals itself to you.

You are being quickened so you can reconnect your highest self with your human self. Unified they are more powerful than you can presently see or imagine.

This wall you feel in your life is an illusion but it holds the keys to your potential. You are being asked to free yourself from limitation and see how your mind has been keeping you down and out of recognizing that you are the master player in your own great game of life. The shifts that are happening are enormous and yet there is nothing to fear because where you are headed is so much greater than where you have been. There is no need to hold on to your past self. It was but a vehicle to take you to this place.

2016 promises to be a much better year than 2015. The number 8 (of 2015) was filled with sadness, despair, upset, and conflicts that pulled you out of your comfort zone. The number 9 (of 2016) is a year of completion, empathy, intuition, and artistic expression. You really can finally let the past go. You really can step into who and what you really want to be. There is nothing holding you back. It is time to notice all the love that is being offered to you in your life and let the gifts of that energy fully in. Let the connections with others support, guide, and invigorate you to move towards that next level.

This month you will feel as if you are caught in a tight place and there is a way through but it seems an incredible leap and one that seems absurd to even try. But something inside you believes that you can do it. As ridiculous as it seems some part believes that the only door remaining has to be the one and there will be a feeling that now is the time. If you do not catch the magic of this moment then it will pass and you will never know if you could have made it through.

Let you motto for 2016 be one of bravery. Don’t give up. You are on a new frontier but one that is sacred for your growth and potential. Accept the challenge, pick up that glove, use the fear to fuel you to new heights and propel yourself towards the challenges of 2016. Cast your old self into the fire and discover that you will rise from the ashes transformed.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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