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Numerology/Astrology for 1/22/19

1/22/19 is the number 8. With the astrology in a very upbeat mode, I am pulling the qualities of the number 8 into the more positive realm rather than the negative side that is always possible. If you are clear about your individual fate and you accept the lessons that are yours to work through with a lot of selfless compassion, then you can rise above the afflictions of your genetic and karmic suffering and turn adversity into action. Turn your desire for peace into a global transformational event. Everyone has some drive to succeed and life. While some have a larger drive that has a desire to impact the world in a bigger way, all impacts that are positive are helpful and supportive. The ultimate goal of the number 8 is to gain “wisdom”, by overcoming the patterns of belligerence, manipulation, anger, and judgment. The number 8 requires you to balance justice with judgment.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Venus aligns with Jupiter in the risk-taking sign of Sagittarius. It is a luckier day if you believe in those things. Venus and the Sun also form a parallel. Combined these aspects bring a desire for more cooperation, and pride that helps you improve in your life. There is an optimistic attitude, a desire for forgiveness and a generous spirit. All good news to everyone.

Express your love and care to those in your life that are close and have contributed to your well-being. Gratitude never hurt anyone.

It is time to have some fun. And having fun can also be a learning experience. Expand, explore, and discover what is new to you in your world.

The Moon continues to transit in Leo and that magnifies the already generous mood of this day. As you lay your head down to bed tonight, the Moon will go into the spread sheet sign of Virgo. It is time to take care of business.
~Suzanne Wagner~



We have before us the
glorious opportunity
to inject a new
dimension of
into the veins
of our civilization.
~Martin Luther King Jr. ~






We celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A visionary and a dreamer that ignited the potential within human nature. A fighter for what is good in the world and a man who saw a need in a time and place and made the right choice, at great personal risk to help and awaken the goodness in humanity. In paying tribute to a man who stood up for his convictions of love and supporting the greater good of all, I want us all to remember that such people make huge sacrifices in the face of so much hate. I marvel at the fact that people can hate those trying to do good things in the world. What is it about humanity that wishes to keep old stagnant and cruel rules and laws in place and actively attempt to destroy those who only want to bring good and a better balance in the world? There is enough for everyone. This is a time and a place where we have to let go of the belief culturally and globally that for us to have enough, then others have to suffer. Perhaps in another time and place it might have been so but now in this world of technology, if we had leaders who focused the wealth and power of the world on helping and bringing the basics that are essential to life for all, then the standard of living would go measurably up and the suffering would measurably go down.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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