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Numerology/Astrology for 12/25/18


12/25/18 is the number 3. It is a positive day for fun and frivolity. This number is for nurturing, feeding, and caring for others. It is represented by the Empress Card. It will feel like there is a lot going on. Busy is going to be the way. Attempt to have focus and concentrate on what you are doing. You have a lot of distractions happening so be careful handling sharp objects. Notice what you have done well this last year. Notice and express what you have appreciated that others have done for you this last year that made an impression and impacted you positively. This is the perfect day to do an appreciation circle as part of your Christmas rituals. Feel into those places that you have grown. Notice where you now need to focus your talents. It is time to appreciate the past and notice where you have come from. Expressing appreciation is a way to fully embody those lessons and prepare yourself to expand into 2019.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

December 25 is a pleasant day with the Moon in heart-warming Leo. The perfect choice for the celebrations and the holidays. Warmth, generosity, pride, and a sense for the dramatic are hallmarks of a Leo Moon. Let your creativity blossom and take pride in your accomplishments. You made it to Christmas and now you can relax into the arms and love of your family. Satisfaction comes from positive feedback from others. This Moon helps you feel more devoted, affectionate, and generous. Try some new ways to express your personal emotional upsets. Because the Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury, you can find new ways to express old patterns. Get original. Your personal morals and values are feeling very strong. You are motivated to do right by others and to reach out and make connections. Perfect for the holidays.

The Moon does square Venus in Scorpio, which can complicate matters. You may feel conflicting needs for fun and intimacy and approaches that are light-hearted and serious.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When your world moves too fast
and you lose yourself in the chaos,
introduce yourself
to each color of the sunset.
Reacquaint yourself with the earth
beneath your feet.
Thank the air that surrounds you
with every breath you take.
Find yourself in the appreciation of life.
~Christy Ann Martine~



This Christmas I appreciate the time and effort that it has taken for me to shift drastically out of the old patterns of stress and into some calmer lifestyle patterns. I can see the genetic patterns of anxiety that I have spent my life dealing with finally shifting into a more authentic “me”. You can transcend the genetic epigenome markers and move beyond the karmic triggers that this body accepted as a process for growth and expansion. They are often paper-thin layers that can be peeled off if you find and accept the patterns and then actively move in the direction that allows for the energetic correction. Unwrapping the paper machete that holds this karmic configuration together is the beginning of awakening and remembering. Who are you beyond the patterns and behaviors that are learned and inherited? You are not this life. You are much more than this narrow configuration that is designed to help you expand beyond your body’s design parameters. Discover and uncover who is truly motivating you deep inside. That spirit that wanted to come here and experience life gets to be honored this Christmas. Appreciate what you have, what you have accomplished, and who you have become. There is still more to do and experience. Embrace this life with all its faults and failings. Learn from mistakes and grow up. There is so much that is possible when you fully embrace your life. Remember, you chose this for a reason. Discover the greatness in this human conditioning. Be more real with all those that love you. Let them in. And let out the things you hide from that are true about you. You cannot find your way home if you deny any part of yourself. It is all divine. You are divine. Now act in accordance with that divinity.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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