December 25, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 12/26/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/26/18

12/26/18 is the number 4. Rejuvenated and revived from the many stressful astrological years we have all weathered, now we begin to feel into the stability that comes from letting in the help and support that is available to us all. Sometimes hope does not come from family but from friends. Often, Life Happens! And that makes you feel as if you have no control over your circumstances. But each moment is a choice. Each decision enhanced love and compassion or contracts that same love and compassion. Love is always available, but it is a choice to cultivate it in difficult times. And the number 4 is a practical application to that love. It is not enough to have the words correct without them grounded in a reality that is stable, fertile, and capable of letting that love grow. You have to be internally harmonious, dependable and responsible to allow those roots of love to have the time to reach deeply into the soil of your world. Love gets rooted in and the deeper those roots the more stable that love becomes. Then you can really depend upon that love to come back even after terrible events. Deep roots allow for regrowth. Shallow roots topple those seemingly strong trees. What something appears as on the surface is nothing compared to what is hidden below. The strength of all families lies in those roots. Your ancestors and their lessons that have been passed down to you are that foundation that allows you to expand and continue the prayer of their hope for their families to continue that lineage forward. May you have the power to attain and create what you want in 2019. May you have the connection to your ancestors in a way that give you solace and support no matter what you encounter. May you find that center and knowing that you have so many souls behind you cheering you forward.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Because the moon is void of course phase from 7:36 AM to 9:50 AM PST, shoppers beware during that time. Fortunately, that is right at the beginning of the day and after that all things are fine. Under a void of course, it is generally advisable to avoid important purchases or taking important actions when the Moon is not making relationships to other planets. Just remember if you shop in those hours, save the receipt.

The Moon continues in joyous Leo until almost 1 pm at which point it goes into Virgo. Perfect timing to get things organized, dinner on the table, paper thrown away, dishes done, and encouraging cooperation among family members. The details get handled beautifully and there is a lot of self-discipline, support, and helpful dispositions.

Mercury and Pluto parallel today making you want to get to the bottom of a matter. You have more discipline than normal, and your goals seem doable.

Mars and the North Node are moving towards a trine, making everyone motivated for personal growth, change, to improve themselves, and to find out what you really want out of this life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It was the love of your
mother and father that called you here.
It was that love that gave you
the courage to leap out of spirit and into form.
Something about them specifically called to you,
your heart, and your yearning for life.
While they are not perfect,
they were perfect for you and
what you wanted in that moment.
Their love and desire for you was so strong
it reached through the infinite boundaries
of space and time until they felt you.
It does not matter if they were conscious
about it or not, the force of that love was true.
And you responded to that particular energy.
Love is the energy that brings all things together.
Love is the energy that aligns light into form.
Love is the substance of existence.
And you are the result
of that formation of that love.
~Suzanne Wagner~



The day after Christmas is a special day. The rush is over. The friends are still there. Contentment and family are the themes. There is rest that comes from feeling into the special connection that is family. It grounds us, centers us, and allows that feeling of familiarity to feed our soul. Knowing that we are not alone on this walk on this planet. Knowing that you have support in lots of fashions. Knowing that spiritual family always finds each other and come together to revive our faith and hope in the world. Thank you to all my family and spiritual family. May the new year bring much needed hope, compassion, connection, support, and light back into the world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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