December 31, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/14

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/14

Today we are in the day of the Physical Body or the number 14/5. As we come into the energy for 2015, what is it that you would like to birth? What are you creating at this time in your life? Each of us continues to create things, whether it is children, adventures, our personal story, art, music, etc. Since the New Year is looming take some time to consciously create your next level of personal evolution. Step out of the mind and into the compelling energy of the heart. Feel into the yearning of the part of your soul that knows how to manifest and allow that passion to pull you deeper into a co-creative intent with the life force that is what this planet is all about. The Moon is in Taurus all day, but while there is a general craving for security, predictability, and comfort, there can be building tension with the Moon square both Mars and Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter are moving towards an opposition, exact tomorrow, which can bring a turning point to a project or even an attitude. You will feel very passionately about some belief but you should watch that this doesn’t border on self-righteousness. Instead, intend to work hard at improving your ideas and uncovering information. There is a competitive feel to the day. You might use this energy as motivation to improve yourself, your life, and your financial situation.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Dear Sister, you have responded to ‘the Call’.

I bow. Feed your intention. Stay rooted in compassion, empathy, encouragement and intuition, and it will navigate you through the fear. Fear is just a feeling, coming and going, your deeper intention is the voice of evolution.

~Chameli Devi~


Following the voice of the deeper self is that force that compels you beyond fear and into possibility. What is that yearning that is constantly calling you in the whispers of music, the emotional ache of a movie or the instincts of your inner animalistic nature? Learning to follow those promptings of the guides and your highest self is what being filled with life is all about. It is really about how much are you willing to feel in this “reality show” called Earth. What can you do today that places you safely, consciously, and constructively on the edge of your old limitations of self? Go there and then lean into the possibility. That is where you find the bliss. That is where you feel awake and that is where you discover your enlightened self.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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