December 29, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/20/14

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/30/14

Today we are in the day of Neutral Mind or the number 13/4. Where is your “home”. Where do you find your center and inner balance? Today is a day where you want to construct something that allows for a sense of inner peace in a constructive, realistic, and almost traditional reality. Each of us finds balance in different ways. I love exercise as a way to find balance. Meditation is always easier for me after I exercise. I also love doing the switching of Hot and Cold plunges at Hot Springs. When I have been in the hot and then go into very cold water, it instantly puts me into a deep mindful meditation. My mind stops, my head cools off, I instantly find my center, and there is no effort involved except to put myself into the cold water. So what gives you that experience? What supports an effortless transition into deep clarity? Discover what that might be for you and then create a tradition that serves your highest self in finding and maintaining center. Everyone in your life will benefit from you being in your best self. The Moon continues to transit Aries until 5:57 AM EST, when it enters Taurus, and today is a day were you instinctively begin to wind down and settle in. The Moon harmonizes with the Capricorn Sun tonight, and increased clarity comes from a feeling that what you want and what you need are in harmony. Mercury quincunx Jupiter could put you on a decision-making fence. Expect to have big ideas under this influence, but be careful to not overestimate your abilities or underestimate the situation.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Change develops slowly. At its own pace. Even our perceptions are slowly coming into are more real and authentic view. They have currently been based on a past memory ..and event that is no longer happening.. ..a fear ,maybe ,that is not real. Slowly though, this view is being seen for what is …like clouds that dissipate into a more clear day.. ..we begin to see. There is a silence that emerges ..we are finally understanding this …We are becoming who we have always been ..and it is so good . The distance between what we are and what we have allowed ourselves to believe is becoming shorter. We are not the past perceptions ..we are not those fears that have been with us all of these years . We are beautiful in our ways. Change moves at its on pace. For once we can feel who we are now and again.. is good. And we smile.



Recognizing that each of us moves at our own pace is one of those things that is at times challenging. My mind often wants to just get on with it. But my body and emotions often take much more time to shift. We are very complex. Bodies are in the densest part of the physical plane and give us the tools to manifest in this world but they move slowly, change slowly, and go into resistance. My emotions at times move more quickly but then there are moments when I am frozen for very long periods of time. So predicting my emotional flow to change goes up and down depending upon the situation. Regardless I know that my energy and that connection of that energy to my body flows and has its own timing. Any time I try to rush my growth, it usually ends unpleasantly. When I instead wait for all the clear signs and signals, then there is an ease and flow that allows me to understand why things have perhaps taken as long as they have.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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