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Numerology/Astrology for 12/30/18


12/30/18 is the number 8 is all about dissolution. Dissolution means: the closing down or dismissal of an assembly, partnership or official body. This word is about the disintegration, breaking up, decay, collapse, and demise of something. So what needs to be broken down right now in your world? Is it a belief? Perhaps an ideal? Somehow this number is the awakening of the reality that something cannot be saved and so now we have to deal with the discontinuation of a cycle. All things in life have cycles. All of us are born, and all of us will eventually die. But are you living? Are you thriving? Are you enjoying what is right here right now? If you cannot learn the art of appreciation and gratitude, then that which is offered is often taken away if you cannot recognize the gifts being given. Sometimes we have to learn through loss. So, today, how can you fully embrace and appreciate all the gifts in your life? How can you be fully present in your body and be awake to everything happening? What makes your feel fully alive? Existing is not enough. Take in your life like you are desperate for the very air of this existence. We are at the end of 2018, a year of intense emotional transformation. Are you willing to let this year go? Are you willing to take those lessons learned and mature yourself forward into a wiser and more compassionate self? Grieve what has not been and what you have had to let go of. But regardless move on. Life does not wait for you to let go. Life will leave you behind if you choose to live in the past. Appreciate what you have been through. Let it inform you to become wiser and more awake. Let it open your heart and compassion. But then look to the rising sun of the new year. Look ahead to what is most needed in your life. Look towards what will bring you and those you love more fulfillment. And that answer is simple. Those you love, need you. They need your presence and truth. They need your heart and listening. They need your wisdom and experience. You are enough just as you are if you are fully here with others.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon finishes up its transit in Libra this evening. Asking us to seek fairness, balance, and harmony.

The Moon then moves into the emotionally complex yet brave sign of Scorpio. It is time to look for a deeper connection and meaning for your life. Something is just finally not enough. There has to be more and the Moon in Scorpio gives you the courage to leap into the void and try some of those ideas that have been banging around in your head. It’s a time for exploring mysteries, taking a few calculated risks, and investigating matters more deeply. Notice you are emotionally strong and courageous, willing to put yourself out there for something you care about. You seek to have a deeper meaning in your life. There has to be more than just existing and going day to day. You can find it if you seek first inside to the yearning of your heart.

There can be an inclination to try to maneuver things your way today, but also the chance for a breakthrough in a love relationship or a more profound understanding or connection. Your attachment to what matters is strong now. It is time to seek out deeper, richer contact that lasts through the waves of time.
~Suzanne Wagner~


He who doesn’t
look ahead
remains behind.



It takes a huge effort to free yourself from a memory.

~Paulo Coelho – from “The Pilgrimage”~


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