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Numerology/Astrology for 12/4/20

12/4/20 is the number = 11

Add the 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 11.
We want to dream big but will be challenged to find a way for our dreams to be heard and understood. Expect a wave of chaos flood through our lives, as there are so many things happening all at once. We may feel as if we know a lot about a lot of things but feel the master of none.
Expect to be easily distracted by what is happening in our world. It becomes more and more clear that there is no more time to waste, we have to now put what we know and have learned into action.

There will be those that choose instead to procrastinate. Frustrating those around them because they cannot or will not let go of their position. It is important to see that such behavior can pull the higher vibrating number 11 down into a (negative mind) number 2.

Notice those that justify and try to intellectually analyze the situation into a place the is familiar and that perpetuates the denial.
Others will just chose to become emotionally distant. Each of us is working though the internal and external chaos in our world. Things may feel like a struggle. It is easy to get stuck in the emotional density of the physical plane. It is often much easier to live in illusion when the reality is such a struggle.

But this can activate those visionaries and dreamers that are willing to think way outside the narrow consciousness of humanity. There are many young people that are the generators of new ideas, though they may need financial and detailed help to make those dreams into reality.

This number wants to awaken the humanitarians in the world that intend to help the planet and make our world more environmentally conscious. Each of us are going to be required to try a little bit of everything in order to get to our higher goal.

We need to be careful to not have our heads in the clouds or procrastinate.  Notice those being intolerant when someone tries to get them to deal with reality. Be careful of making poor financial decisions that put themselves and others at risk.

There are a number of lies and deceptive practices in full swing. Notice those that make up stories to avoid being told the truth.

The Number 11 is associated with the spiritual body, because with all the dreaming, it is an attempt by the universe to open our crown chakra and find the direct connection to the universal flow.

All forms of meditation are helpful with the number 11. Just remember that we are the only ones who can find the door and open it to the light we hold inside.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Cancer until the early morning and then it goes into Leo. Expect more interactions from others but be careful as Covid is exploding.
The Moon squares Uranus and know that some feel the need to stick to their guns.
The Moon trines Mercury in Sagittarius and that encourages deeper conversations.
Mercury trines Chiron and it opens us to ideas that show how and what we need to learn.
Communication becomes more instructive as well as instructive. Those topics that are sensitive seem to flow in more authentic directions.
Somehow things we say can finally be heard more constructively.
We seek to understand important anchors of our  life. How have they defined us? Are they required as we move forward? Perhaps it is time to see your choices from a different reality. Perhaps we have outgrown our old shell of beliefs and perceptions. And perhaps that is a very good thing.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Share your gifts with as
many as is appropriate.
Share your love when
there is an authentic
opening without agenda.
There are so many places
that we take and take
in this world.
Perhaps it is time to notice
where we can give
something back.

~Suzanne Wagner~


It is not about getting what we want, as we move into the higher realms of consciousness. It is about giving what we have. And regardless of if anyone thinks that is enough, we can only give what we have to give from a place of unconditional support and respect.
I learned a long time ago that everyone has gifts to give. Some people only have a few. And often, those that have only a few to give have magnificent gifts.
That is where things get confused. When you have a few amazing things to offer, others can get attached and want more. But when we have unconditionally offered what we truly have and are willing to give and don’t have anything else, then the demand of others makes one feel horrible.
As the saying goes, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip.”
Those incessant demands for us to give more and more when we can’t, won’t or it is inappropriate … will make people go away.

That is why it is important to allow others to give what they have. Then it is your job to receive fully that offering and honor it. But then … more often than not … you also have to learn to walk away and continue on your journey.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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