December 4, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 12/5/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/5/15
December 5th is the number 7. Use the mental analysis quality of the number 7 to make sense out of the many pieces happening in your life right now. You can feel that you need more information and it is time to study, educate yourself, and set limits so you can refine your gifts into a form that serves the highest good in all. The Moon is in Libra all day, and your life becomes again, relationship-focused. You tend to approach situations diplomatically although you may stir up some conflict in your efforts to reach a more balanced and harmonious state. The Moon aligns with Mars and forms a sextile with the Sun today as these two bodies move towards a Sun-Mars harmonious sextile aspect, exact tomorrow morning. You can feel energized by connecting to loved ones and your friends. Others can show you the way towards a more confident approach or path. There is a sense that you can accomplish much and you will have a good sense of timing as well. In general there is an emotional moody mess because of the T-square forming with Mars/Uranus/Pluto and today’s moon and this will linger until December 19th. You will need to coach yourself into a place of calm and patience for the next few weeks so stay in a place of steady and consistent because the world has enough upset at the moment. Allow these aspects to revitalize your heart and soul into a place of healing, just remain mindful to not get pulled into any drama.
~Suzanne Wagner~
We don’t have to go in search of our mission or purpose. The More we search for it; the more it will elude us. We just have to be ourselves and find our joy in the present moment or do what calls us in the present moment and our mission will unfold.
~Anita Moorjani~
What do you have to do to finally give yourself permission to discover whom you really are inside? What are the choices that you have to solemnly make to give permission to the deep and hidden parts of your nature to come into alignment with your more conscious self? What parts are you holding as true that are actually not aligned with your deepest self? And how do you let them go? Each of us have taken on aspects that society and others have said are us, but did you ever question those reflections? Do those parts feel at home and do they move fluidly in your life? Or are they projections of what others wanted for you? In life there is a sorting game that happens as you mature, “I am this. I am not this.” That ability to sort your true essence from the mask that others waned you to wear can be difficult. You can be afraid that if you take off the mask and show who you truly are, then others will reject and no longer love you. But wearing a mask that does not allow your true essence to shine is awkward and uncomfortable. Eventually that mask will slip anyway and someone will see beyond the façade that you are holding in place. Let the projections go. Discover the relaxed state of being congruent and in alignment with who you are. Yes, some might get upset but you cannot live a life that is not your own. You must step into your fullness and let your light shine brighter than any projections or masks.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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