December 5, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 12/6/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/6/15
December 6th is the number 8. Such sorrow is manifesting in this world. Everyone is feeling it to a certain extent. It is essential that you actively try to counteract the negativity that is happening in the world right now. Do not allow the cloud of darkness to descend into the physical manifestation world more than it already has. It is up to each of you individually to take responsibility for your own fears, hurts, grief, and sorrow. Help the world by separating out what is yours from what is being projected right now in the world. Your unhealed emotions become the fuel for the global rage that is destroying hope. Your willingness to step beyond the reactive mind (cumulatively) can stop this planet from falling into places that have only historically caused more suffering. Your energy right now can make a critical difference. If we are to turn this pattern of anger, war, and suffering around each person’s energy will either add to the darkness or bring humanity back into the light. The Moon is in compromising Libra all day, and relationships again become a big focus. Libra wants balance and will point out what’s fair and what’s out of balance. Early morning, a sextile between Mars pushes you to take action and the Sun is helping your creativity along building confidence and supports you in making decisions and problem solving. As the day moves forward, there is some tension in the air. Try to not fall into the trap of reacting when you actually need to be observing situations objectively. Venus in minor challenging aspect with Chiron and this can point out the differences in one another. As well, this afternoon’s Mars-Pluto Square amplifies and magnifies any unrest, dissatisfaction, or resentment you may have been holding onto. You should resist temptation to manipulate, thwart, bully, or overpower others in your efforts to get what you want. It would be wise to observe whatever powerful feelings arise such as; confrontations or conflicts, as this transit has a way of pulling things out that have been suppressed. The more pressure those ideals have been under the more explosive they can become as they move outward. This is a moment that takes a calm mind, and clear heart, and a loving intent. If you cannot express it that way then you need to go outside, take a walk, clear your head, and find balance before you decide to speak to others about your feelings.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Bitterness weaves the fabric of hurt.
Anger sews that fabric together into suffering.
Hatred sculpts the cast of righteousness.
And justification of delusion
births the horror of war.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Today I despair in the shock of how much of the world is still trapped in the mindset of anger, attacking of others, and the using of fear to justify the verbal abuse that only perpetuates the karma of suffering on this planet. I understand that learning to have a knee jerk reaction to project the internal hatred one feels on the external world is learned and reinforced by the media and in the social networks because drama sells. But does drama serve? I believe in the human potential to move beyond the patterns of action and reaction. I believe in the goodness of the human heart. I believe that ultimately we have to learn to come together or this beautiful planet and this amazing experience of life (as we know it) is doomed. I believe in the great teachers who have consistently spoken of another way to go and despair in the realization that regardless of the beauty and inspiration of those words humanity consistently chooses to go down the old pathways of suffering. Today, connect with the highest goodness you can find that inspires you and that you believe in. Hold on tight to that love and compassion and don’t let go. In times like these that energy can be the lifesaver for yourself and others. Become the goodness that you have aspired to be. There is no more time. Let that heart and love come out into the world. You don’t know who you might just save in that choice.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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