January 24, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 1/25/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/25/15

Today is the number 7. With the number 7 the stresses have built up to the point that you begin calculating a way out, through, or within you present circumstances. It is a day of mind games. I personally love a mind game because it feels much better than navigating the intense emotional drama that this astrology is stirring up. So as you begin to dream and figure a way into an alternative reality just remember that those mind games can also be a tool for avoiding what you are feeling. Instead today, try allowing the truth of those feelings to come completely into your awareness and then figure out a way to be authentic in the moment without blame or upset. There is a way to be authentic about your situation and allow the cool calculating process of the number 7 to guide you to a pathway that is not avoiding the moment but expressing that moment in a way brings better balance to the situation. With the Moon is in Aries all day, aligning with Uranus and squaring Pluto this morning, this aspect is going to stir up frustrations, restlessness, and make you want to react. Instead know you need to “act, but be very careful about the “react” part of that equation. You want to get things going but know where you are going and the direction that is appropriate to head are two different things. Uranus and Pluto are getting closer to their final square; exact in March so there is this invisible inner tension happening. Stay conscious of that so you don’t snap. Venus semi-squares Uranus today is stimulating unusual attractions (to people and things), which can prompt acting on whims. You may feeling the back and forth of the issue of freedom versus closeness in your relationships. Avoid impulse buys at this time, and hold off on decision-making with regards to finances. It is time for change and you know that doing the same old thing right now is not working. Regardless take a moment to think first before you go leaping off that cliff of the old reality. All of us need to make an adjustment. Use the number 7 to give you the steps in a clear and calculated format and you will feel less caught by the energy swirling all around you.
~Suzanne Wagner~



In the space of no-mind, truth descends like light.



Reflecting on my life I want to share a reality that I have learned and that is that there are really 3 major wounds, abandonment, shame, and betrayal. Each of us has all three to a greater or lesser degree but usually one dominates your mind. When you have a wound your mind is desperate to heal it, understand it, and to transcend the situation from your past. In my case, the big one has been betrayal. The situations of my childhood taught me to be alert to people who say things or promise things that are not true and then they change or do not follow through and I would feel left holding the bag. What that did to my psyche was to always have to be alert to lies, whether a person was obviously lying or they were believing another’s lie and simply reflecting that untruth. On one level this pattern has served me well, it makes me a great psychic as I can easily see the deception that is in a client that they have perhaps habituated to and wonder why they cannot seem to break out of some pattern. But personally that has made me feel like I had to do everything. That wound then becomes reflected and projected everywhere. If you are always looking for the place where others lie and betray themselves and others it is not a very fun reality to play in. What you have to do is to see where the wound originated and see the gift in the wound. Then own that you wanted that gift deeply. So deeply in fact, that you wanted to be able to practice the opposite position everywhere in your life. When you get that you do almost everything to not betray others trust but in doing that you sometimes betray yourself, that is the next level of understanding. Now it is time to become aware of your own self-betrayal and forgive yourself for making others have more value than your own essence. Once you do that the issue begins to unravel and you have a heightened awareness around this subject. Now, you no longer betray yourself or others. You see that the betrayal of others is simply a reflection of their own childhood wound around trust. Their betrayal is not about you, it is about them. From that place you can forgive and let it go. When you take on the responsibility of another person’s karma not only do you get stuck but you also do not give them the reflection of another option. Today, be the reflection of “betrayal healed”
~Suzanne Wagner~

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