January 24, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 1/25/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/25/17

1/25/17 is the number 9. With the number 9 reminds you that you must let yourself complete old cycles and prepare for a new world. We rotate through the numbers every few days which is that constant reminder that life is about change. You cannot have growth without hitting edges of your old reality. Those edges are the lines in the sand that you have drawn to mark the shifts from one reality into another. I know that each person grows and shifts in their own time. I know that you cannot make someone shift. Each person shifts when the right configuration of things aligns and the clarity comes in on a level that makes sense and there is a willingness to leap. But the more you resist those shifts, the more you can get stuck if you are not careful. Each moment you hang onto the old world and defend it is like putting another stick in the beaver dam of your reality. I pick a beaver dam because water still moves regardless but the resistance to movement can be increased. The problem comes when you have built so many sticks into your personal dam and have the illusion of safety. That is always when the universe puts in a storm to wipe out your resistance and tear down the illusion of safety that you have been living under. Life is not safe. Life is a wild ride of transformation and change. Life will remind you that you do not have control. Life thrives at the edge between control and wildness. Let today’s number give you the courage to complete this level of reality in which you have been living and then let tomorrows number 10 tear down that wall of resistance so you can find your power, potential, and freedom.


Shortly into the day, Venus and Chiron align in the sign of Pisces. You are being asked to tune into your deepest vulnerabilities and attempt to make sense of them. The Moon continues its transit of responsible Capricorn where it will transit all day. Its alignment with Mercury this evening can be a good time for clarifying feelings. Venus and Jupiter move towards a quincunx, exact early tomorrow. There is a deep desire to fall into pleasure and to find and have things that are perhaps (presently) beyond your control. It is time to realize where your eyes may have been bigger than your stomach. Challenges in relationships are likely due to having unrealistic expectations on others. Remember, denial is a powerful emotion and defending your choices is a sure sign that you are not actually convinced yourself. Be careful because you could be overshooting or overstating the truth or exaggerating what you are feeling. It will be difficult to find a balance between your responsibilities and the pleasure-seeking that you wish for. It will take effort but you can have both but you will need to work through what is real and doable from what is a lie and an illusion.

~Suzanne Wagner~



“Respect is earned through observation of how someone’s actions are in alignment with the greater good. Then you look for honesty, and how that is reflected by their intention to “do no harm”. Then trust is earned by the consistency and honor that is reflected in the deeper character within that person, which over time has been revealed. It takes all of these, respect for who someone presents to the world, honesty in knowing that you can trust them to hold a standard that is beyond their own desires, wants, and needs, and trust from seeing how their actions, words, and soul essence are in alignment with a higher calling for someone to gain my loyalty. Loyalty is not just given it is earned through feeling respected, the reflection of the truth on deep levels, and trust in someone’s abilities that have been proven over time.”

~ Suzanne Wagner~
In life we live on that edge between control and chaos. It is that delicate balance that makes life, creates new life, and allows that life to be creatively expressed. The challenge comes in when you believe that you have control. Control is an illusion….a temporary amnesia that allows what seems impossible to be attempted. As a culture we want to believe in people who have positions of power. But it is also inappropriate to give respect to those who do not show high levels of accountability, honesty, and integrity. We live in America and that has always meant that we have the right to voice our opinion. We have the right to disagree. We have the right to protest. We have the right to speak our own mind and believe what we believe. Young souls can be manipulated by powerful people. But people who know themselves and have done inner work and understand the nature of reflection and projection will not be so easily fooled. Our freedom of speech is what makes us stand out from other countries and no matter how much anyone may want to suppress that, it will never be silenced. Those that want blind followers who will believe the rampant and outrageous lies (That no other generation would ever have fallen for because they saw the harsh reality of two world wars, or a Civil War, or other very harsh times that taught them truth from fiction) will discover that the majority of Americans are not so gullible. Those that have fallen into the trap cannot see the reflection of their denied self in those they choose to represent them. It has been amazing to see that those that defend a bully are acting exactly like that bully. Those that defend lies, tell constant and rampant lies. That is not to say that everyone is perfect and doing things correctly because they are not. The deep emotional triggers that this moment has touched upon go deep and clearly go beyond this time and into other lifetimes. But the only ways through this are to either go back to the factual truth or to let is all burn to the ground. We seem to be doing the later. Only a total collapse of everything they hold dear will awaken those who believe in the lies so completely. Only by giving them their perceived illusion and then watching that illusion crash and burn will finally break the back of the self-deception. Germany had to lose everything (twice) before it came around and now look at its much better standing in the world on integrity and truth. Perhaps we will have to do the same. But as long as there are a majority of people who speak up and claim the rights that our Constitution has given them on free speech there is hope.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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