January 25, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 1/26/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/26/17

1/26/17 is the number 10. With the number 10, you have to take a breath and recognize that life is always about inhaling and exhaling. We are in a world of duality but you still need to learn to stand in your power and learn to ride the waves and feel into the rhythm that is this world. Pretending that there is not light and dark does not serve you waking up to the reality. Learning to live in that reality is what this experience is all about. It is through the polarity that we sift and sort out the garbage in order to find the gold. Things are never what they seem. It takes time to clean off the dirt and grime in our minds to discover the gems that are hidden under the dirty distortions of ego. Be gentle with yourself. Remember that you are seeking the truth of your existence. That is all. Nothing more. Once you know yourself you have to look beyond the small bubble of your perceptions and discover how to live here in this world with others who also have their bubbles of perception.

The Sun forms a semi-square with Chiron, and the desire to learn and grow through life experiences and your connection to others is strong but may be hampered by a lack of confidence or a fear of being different. The Moon is in Capricorn all day, and you might be more resourceful at getting to the bottom of things and finding the answers you seek. At this time creating a pattern in your life that is sustainable is essential. A New Moon will occur tomorrow in the sign of Aquarius – a time of new beginnings – making today the best day for tying up loose ends and putting things to a completion. From this point on it is best to wait until after the New Moon to launch brand new projects or endeavors.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a saying in Tibetan that “at the door of the miserable rich man sleeps the contented beggar.” The point of this saying is not that poverty is a virtue, but that happiness does not come from wealth, but from setting limits to one’s desires, and living within those limits with satisfaction.
~Dalai Lama~

Lyrics to the song “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann
It’s not what you thought,

When you first began it.
You got, what you want.
You can hardly stand it though
By now you know.
It’s not going to stop.
It’s not going to stop.
It’s not going to stop.
Till you wise up.
You’re sure, there’s a cure
And you have finally found it.
You think, one drink.
Will shrink you ‘till you’re underground
And living down.
But it’s not going to stop.
It’s not going to stop.
It’s not going to stop.
Till you wise up.
Prepare a list for what you need
Before you sign away the deed
Cause it’s not going to stop.
It’s not going to stop.
It’s not going to stop.
Till you wise up.
No, it’s not going to stop.
Till you wise up.
No it’s not going to stop.
So just give up.
~Lyrics by Artist Aimee Mann~

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