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Numerology/Astrology for 1/27/17

1/27/17 is the number 20. With the number 20/2, so watch for ambivalence, imbalanced judgement, and the realization of an irresolute indifference of many to seeking the truth. Believing in lies shows a mind that lacks balance and is tilting into an unstable reality. It is important right now to find your center and sort fear from reality. Notice how you are seeking to validate your own experience. Step beyond your projection and into a passionate seeker of truth. The cards that relate to this number are The Moon card and the High Priestess. The first is about falling into; illusion, delusion, bewilderment, hysteria, madness, dreaminess, falsehood, lies, self-deception, and distortion. The Priestess card is about intuition, stepping on the path of truth, being protected by the Spiritual Mother, finding how to step onto the path towards your own enlightenment. One is about the attachment you have to your own fear and how that fear will perpetuate that fear so that energy cycles around again and again. The other is about stepping beyond the habitual fear patterns of earth and learning to step out of it and into an honest spiritual awakening by stepping on your own path of enlightenment. That path to enlightenment will force you to face your own “real” fears. From that place, there is no need to create illusionary ones.


The Moon ends its transit of Capricorn at 3:37 AM EST when it enters Aquarius. Venus forms a square to Saturn today, and there can be many who want some sort of reality check. Insecurities cloud judgments under these aspects and those who have not worked through their issues of deep insecurity and self-worth may want to vigorously defend illusions and lies. Gaining what you want is going to be challenging under this influence, perhaps because what you want is not really possible. Those with difficulties socializing with others and those that have an increased sensitivity to rejection will be especially triggered. The New Moon launches a cycle in which new beginnings can occur with friendships, group activities or projects, social pursuits and humanitarian efforts. You may like or not like what that new beginning looks like. This is a time to extend help to others and find ways to express love for the planet, all of humanity, and all of those suffering. You might want to begin to focus on developing more objectivity and some detachment because the old world is not coming back and so you have to adapt to this new one with a clear and calm head. With this potent Aquarius energy, you have the chance to make progressive changes in your life. But there will be a lot of work involved to make that dream into a reality, so pace yourself. Nothing is going to happen quickly. Mars is moving through the last degree of the zodiac all day and will enter Aries shortly into the day tomorrow. First and last degrees are always the most intense. So know that this is energy can bring up a lot for many. Do your best to hold back on that impulsive side that wants to react.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Darling, some prisons don’t have walls.
~Kenny Rogers~

Someday, too soon, you are going to be old.
Someday you are going to look back at this moment.
What do you think you will see?
Will you see something you are proud of?
Will you see someone who was caught in external illusions?
Will you be kind to this person who put so much energy into a lie?
Everyone gets caught up in the illusions that others weave.
This is how we learn.
But did you learn?
Did you see where you let go of your own truth?
Can you pinpoint the moment where you surrendered up your life force?
Can you see where you made up a story to convince yourself to give up something so valuable as your own truth?
And did you find a way to take that truth back?
If you did, congratulate yourself….truly!
So many never own or fully realize where they were slowly bleeding away their essential energy to wasteful places and to people who don’t really care about you or your gifts of loyalty and support.
Those types of choices eventually exhaust the body and allow it to become a soul that has withered away into an ineffective shell, vacant of passion or a willingness to do anything.
What kind of old person do you want to become?
One that is vitally alive and thriving with excitement, surrounded by those who they have loved and in turn have loved them, cycling the energy of love over and over again, re-energizing and stimulating power, magnifying that which was already there into a greater interwoven whole.
Or a life where your unresolved anger and hatred is externally projected out into the world in such a way that it damages those around you, forcing them to pull away until you find yourself alone with that deep resentment, making you old, rigid, unwilling, and inflexible to the changing world around you.
They choice is always yours.
One is filled with connections and compassion.
The other with loneliness, distortion, and separation.
Even though the choice seems obvious, it is harder than it seems.
What you believe you become.
Do you like what you believe?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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