January 29, 2019

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/30/19

1/30/19 is the number 7. Order and truth are strong today. Rebuilding takes time. Transformation becomes essential. Within you is a hidden power, a secret knowledge that wants you to master the skills necessary so that you can use that skill with respect, honor, and integrity. Without holding those energies within your core ,you cannot expect others to trust you either. In life you have to persist. In life you have to change with the flow of the times. But all choices need to be balanced within your core values. Without it, you risk losing pieces of your soul. It is in long contemplative moments that you have to come face to face with who you really are. If you cannot sit in stillness for long periods of time, you have not allowed your deepest self to speak with you. You then only know your persona, the personality that you present to the world. But you are so much more than that. Don’t you want to discover that deepest and most magical self?

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in Sagittarius, there is a growing joy that gives you an ability to believe in your mission and purpose. Sometimes you have to learn to trust something higher and wiser than your own mind. When you embrace your brave and adventurous self, you discover more confidence and the ability to enjoy breaking out of your routines. New places and ideas stimulate your senses and wake you up out of the sleepiness of old habits.

The exact sextile between Saturn and Neptune is the 31st. So today we head in that direction and the balance of two strong planets in their home signs allows for your unrepentant dreamer to be able to discuss how to get there with the practical Saturn. The balance of two extremes is a great lesson to learn.

Be kind to yourself but be even more kind to others. Notice where you have been too harsh to yourself or others. It might be time to reign in those intense emotions so that you can learn to function better under these astrological extremes.
~Suzanne Wagner~



We dance for laughter,
we dance for tears,
we dance for madness,
we dance for fears,
we dance for hopes,
we dance for screams,
we are the dancers,
we create the dreams.

~Albert Einstein~






In dance I forget my problems. That was the draw when I was a child. Dance allowed me to escape the density of this reality and remember that my spirit and soul are eternal and much bigger than my body. Something magical happens when you focus so intently on form, flow, beauty, softness, power, flexibility, tension, strength, and surrender all at the same time. That is what all physical, artistic, and athletic moments open you too. You learn to move within the duality of life. To make your body do certain things you have to tense in one moment and give power to lift you up and then you also have to let go at the top of that step, and then let your soul carry your body higher than you ever expected you could. When you dance, if you think too much, you look like a robot. When you are dancing you have to surrender your body into that movement and this moment fully. You have to trust that the body knows what to do and let the mind go. Through such moment of movement your cognitive side recognizes that it is of no functional use in moments of pure ecstasy and joy. And that bliss comes always from trust and surrender in the moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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