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Magnify your skills

Numerology/Astrology for 1/31/19

1/31/19 is the number 8. You know you are letting go. You know that you have been avoiding the grief of something old. You have been holding out against all obvious signs that the resolution you seek is possible. You recognize now that whatever you have been holding onto is clearly not going to move in the direction you expect. Let the grief out. Let the truth in. You are not going to get what you expected. It is going to be okay. This is what you need to grow up and move forward. Remember that your path is not another’s path. Don’t worry. Spiritual family always finds each other in other times and spaces. Let go. Trust that you will find your path. Feel into your heart. Know that broken hearts shatter ego and allow your authentic self to emerge.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Saturn and Neptune sextile this morning and there will be two more in June and November. Saturn is home in Capricorn and Neptune is home in Pisces. Making it all very comfy cozy. What you believe and what you need to build in your world have a moment of coming together and potential agreement.

This pattern signifies that we are in an intense time for defining out future goals. It is time to help life with a new vision and possibility. It also signifies that there is much work to be done to realize any dream on this beautiful planet.

Materialism is going bye-bye. Rigidity has become obviously and overtly toxic. it points to the fact that you need a sense of purpose and mission to make your life have the meaning that you have been seeking.

That realization that a better work-rest balance is deeply needed. There is an awareness that you need a healthy and balanced spiritual life. You recognize that you need personal time for expression of your emotions, romance, and creative expression. It is time to commit to something that has value and meaning.

The Moon is in Sagittarius until this evening. It does align with Venus at lunch time and you want to share and have a shift from the ordinary into the extraordinary.
~Suzanne Wagner~



You must either
modify your dreams
or magnify your skills.

~Jim Rohn~






So often, people say that want something. Great love, fabulous money, a fulfilling career. But are you really willing to do the work to get there? Are you willing to change your habits and routines? Are you willing to be uncomfortable to go for your dream? Are you willing to learn difficult things and master them in such a way that you get to have what you are looking for? Because that is what change requires. That is what growth is about. That is what is means to be a mature human being. You have a soul that requires you to evolve. Holding back your potential is what the ego is constantly attempting to do. Do not let this life be a waste. Laugh, dance, sing, move towards what you are afraid of consciously, safely, and constructively. Discover the magical hidden places where beauty and wonder still exist. Explore the mysteries that are the gifts to conscious evolution. Break your heart open. Feel what you are resisting feeling. You cannot protect yourself if you are not fully here. You cannot protect others if you are unwilling to move beyond what you know.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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